January 07, 2013

Preparing Students for the Coming Utopia

So today I had to update my passwords and re-sign all of my security agreements to retain access to the ODU computer system, access to which is required for most classes.

It included a training course.

The first bit is just normal IT security stuff and of no interest at all.  However, the last part is mildly amusing for two reasons.

1: Privacy and Security don't mean what they think it does.
2: Remember, all students are required to know and comply with ODU's IT Security Related Standards with penalties for non-compliance being up-to and including expulsion.

Anyway, the last part is below the fold.

Internet Privacy and Security

Privacy Statement

ODU is concerned about the privacy of the people that use our network and websites.

Information is collected and used as needed for operational and technical support purposes.

Information we may collect

Routing information - Domain and Internet address of your PC.

Essential Technical Information - ID of the page or service you are requesting, type of browser, operating system, and the time and date of access.

Non-essential Technical Information - Internet address of the website from which you linked.

Optional Information - Your name, email address and the content of your email may be collected on outgoing e-mail.

Internet Privacy Precautions

Always remember: The Internet is not private!

Avoid entering or storing sensitive information in locations that are accessible from the Internet by unauthorized people.

Without up-to-date system and security software, any computer is vulnerable to takeover and corruption.

All Usage is Monitored

The Old Dominion University network is not a public network. It is a private network for the use by the Old Dominion University Community.

ODU Statement of Monitoring
Old Dominion University WARNING:
This system is for the use of authorized clients only. Individuals using the ODU computer network system are subject to having all their activity monitored and recorded by system personnel.

To protect the computer network system from unauthorized use and to ensure the computer network systems is functioning properly, system administrators monitor this system. Anyone using this computer network system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that if such monitoring reveals possible conduct of criminal activity, system personnel may provide the evidence of such activity to law enforcement officers. Access is restricted to authorized users only. Unauthorized access is a violation of state and federal, civil and criminal laws.

Intellectual property rights, software licensing and copyright issues.

Copyrighted Information

Old Dominion University is committed to upholding copyright law. Copying, downloading, using or sharing copyrighted materials (such as software, text, pictures, movies, music, and video) must be with the permission of the copyright owner.

For more on Copyright, see the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Information web page at http://www.odu.edu/oduhome/dmca.shtml

ODU IT Security Related Standards

Standards of Special Importance

8.4.2 - Acceptable Use Standard - Details
Purpose: The purpose of this compliance standard is to provide the University community with a clear understanding of the terms and conditions under which access to any Old Dominion University information technology resource is granted. This standard sets forth a minimum level of compliance with Policy 3500 Use of Computing Resources.

1.4.0 - Disciplinary Action Standard - Details
Purpose: The purpose of this compliance standard is to establish general rules for how violations of computer security policy and standards are handled.

6.2.1 - Digital Media Standard - Details
Purpose: To establish a clear understanding of the University''s position on digital media and the unlawful distribution of copyrighted music, movies and software.

5.3.2 - Password Management Standard - Details
Purpose: The purpose of this standard is to define the Password Management requirements used by Old Dominion University.

1.3 - Student Email Standard - Details
Purpose: The purpose of this compliance standard is to provide the University community information on how to comply with Policy 3517 - Electronic Messaging for Official University Communication.

4.2.1 - Virus Protection Standard - Details
Purpose: Each computer user attached to the Old Dominion University network must adequately protect and defend their system and information from unintended or malicious destruction. This compliance standard is established to prevent any spread of a computer virus into the network systems.

4.4.1 - Wireless Access Standard - Details
Purpose: To determine the transport medium for wireless access services used on the campus.


  Brickmuppet here: Note that those 7 links result in the same bit of wisdom being passed on...

This page is not found.


Certification of Training


You have completed the 2009 Information Technology Security Awareness Training. Depending on your role and access requirements, additional training may be required and will be presented next.

Accept or Decline

Clicking on the 'Accept' button indicates that you certify that you have read and understand the materials presented in this training and that you accept the responsibilities associated with using these assets. Continued use of the IT assets of Old Dominion University requires this acceptance.

Clicking on the 'Decline' button indicates that you have not read, do not understand and/or do not accept the responsibilities presented in this training material. You will then NOT qualify for continued use of these IT assets.

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