January 03, 2011

Oh My Goodness!

It appears that the CO of the USS Enterprise is in hot water over some videos he made for the crew on the ships last deployment.

Now the PC pantywaists are clamoring for his head.

Cdr Salamander has thoughts here.

Galrahn has a lengthy post on this that provides quite a bit of context.

The deployment in which the videos were created was between May 2, 2006 and on November 18, 2006 USS Enterprise returned to homeport after steaming nearly 60,000 miles. During their deployment, CVW-1 aircraft delivered 65,000 pounds of ordnance, including 137 precision weapons, to provide unprecedented support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom. They completed more than 8,300 sorties, of which 2,186 were combat missions, while flying more than 22,500 hours and making 6,916 day and night arrested landings.

...but do read his whole post too.

A warship is a pressure cooker and a warped sense of humor is a reliable and necessary safety valve. This officer seems to have an impeccable record on the things that matter, like driving ships and managing flight operations . It will be tragic if he loses his career and America loses his services because some paper pushing professional whiners at the dull end of the spear who can't tie a bowline, let alone run a ship are allowed to claim another scalp.

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