September 23, 2014

Internet Navigation Failure...

For some reason the URL for The London Telegraph is taking me to The Onion

At least, I HOPE that's what is happening. 

UPDATE 10 minutes later :

A cautionary note. Take a moment between staring in horror at the above hyperlink and re-reading Harrison Bergeron to peruse this post by Popehat which Ace discusses at length here. Neither post discusses the story linked above, but focus on another recent infuriating headline; one that turned out not to quite match the facts at hand. Both posts should be read in full by everyone.

Back to the idiocy at hand...

The scary thing about this advertising story is that in this day and age, is that it's not actually inconceivable. 

John C. Wright points out an indirect ramification of this story. 
 Science fiction writers often show the folly of some trend in modern life by envisioning a darkly humorous future where that trend is carried to an absurd extreme. When real life exceeds the imagined absurdity, my life as a science fiction writer grows difficult. [/quote]

On the other hand, this must mean we are finally living in the future....
....just not the one we'd hoped for. 

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