April 01, 2008

First Pics of JNS Fuji

April foolery moved below fold.

Named after the highest and most famous peak in Japan as well as Japans first true battleship, the brand new Japanese "DDA" (Attack Destroyer?) JNS Fuji is photographed by a US Navy aircraft off  Yokouska while  on machinery trials.

Displacing 58,000 tons, the vessel, like Japans Helicopter Destroyers, proves that Japanese nomenclature basically means nothing. The ship has a level of ballistic protection not seen since World War 2. The most striking visual feature is battery of  9x203mm 98 caliber guns which can lob  guided 500 pound shells "over 100km" at a reported rate of 6 rounds per barrel per minute. The weapons can reportedly also fire standard Japanese ground self defense force 203 mm shells. While these are lighter and have less range, this  leverages the nations largest artillery ammunition supplies to advantage.

 The box launchers at the corners of the superstructure each carry 32 ESSM missiles for a total of 128. These missiles are the block 4 model which utilize the AMRAAM active seeker, making them fire and forget missiles, ideal for coping with saturation attacks. Reportedly the trainable launchers give a considerable reduction in minimum range improving their point defense capabilities while costing nothing in maximum range over the more usual vertical launch system....this is a heavy and complex solution to the problem, but with 58,000 tons to play with....why the hell not?

In addition to the ESSM there are 2x48 cell mk 41 vls systems for Standard AA missiles and ASROC. Surprisingly, the vessel is not fitted with AEGIS. Reportedly blast effects from the 203mm guns rendered the phased array radars untenable. Still, with 9 directors and the ability to keep 27 standard missiles in the air at once the ship has a formidable AAA capability.

The vessel makes an interesting comparison to the USNs DD1000. The main guns are simply USN MK 7 16 inch guns relined to 8 ". This gives quite comparable range to the AGS system and cut down on development costs considerably (though it is a very heavy weapon). The vessel is built to modified commercial (icebreaker) standards which kept costs down. Stealth took a less crucial role in the design of this vessel and the considerable flair of the bows should keep the decks well dry in a seaway.

More here.

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1 Wow, they must have total re-written their constitution and naval doctrine while I wasn't looking.

Posted by: Will at Tue Apr 1 10:21:39 2008 (WnBa/)

2 DDA = Destroyer Awesome!

Posted by: Wonderduck at Tue Apr 1 17:26:29 2008 (gwUM9)

3 France had a ship like this but with  two four gun main turrets and only small caliber guns on the rear. I think the Brits may have tried this with two three gun main turrets. The French scrapped theirs in  the early 60's I believe. I don't know the fate of the British ships. Is this a photograph of the French ship or just a juxtaposition.

Posted by: Bouff at Wed Apr 9 01:21:55 2008 (K3lFQ)

4 No this is a photo of IJNS Yamato that's been very heavily photo shopped.

The ships you are talking about are Jean Bart and Richelieu. Ton for ton they were among the best battleships ever built. Richelieu had a very active and interesting career in WW2.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Wed Apr 9 06:44:33 2008 (NsNzF)

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