April 19, 2012

Doggie Kruger Does NOT Approve

" Dekka Blue...Something about that dish we had at the White House is eating at me. "

  I'm swamped. So swamped, that yesterday I missed the most important story in the history of stuff. The story that trumps Iran getting nukes, the crappy economy and the ungodly deficit.

Of course I'm talking about Bositang-gate.

James Taranto has an overview of how exactly it transpired that U.S. politics went to the dogs this week. Be warned though...there is a reason that he's a pun-dit.

More here, here and here.

  Disclaimer: Though I'm by no means a fan of his, I don't actually begrudge the President this but it made me laugh and it's rare to be able to so effortlessly work Doggie Kuger into a post.  

(via ACE)
More on Rutherford B. Hayes and his tumultuous relationship with the POTUS here and here.

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