December 18, 2007

A Moron in Mongolia

High maintenance beetotch should not leave the amazing technologicaly based maintenance infrastructure that makes decadent, high maintenance beeotchery possible.

If you are a vegan, Inner Mongolia is right out.

"There wasn't a thing on the table that I could eat" said a frustrated Love. "They kept putting food in front of me, but I kept trying to tell them that I was a vegan. I pointed to the food and said it really loudly and slowly 'vegan, veee-gaaan' but they didn't seem to understand. They just kept encouraging me to eat."

Love's lack of Mongolian language skills coupled with the families lack of English language skills provided the perfect environment for a cultural misunderstanding to take place. And before long the Mongolian family had come to understand that "vegan" meant "sick" and quickly began to set out to find a remedy for their guest's illness

Hillarity ensues...

Of course, in keeping with a general policy of cluelessness, our heroine has learned nothing.

"I'm not going back to Mongolia, I can tell you that for sure, but I'm seriously looking at some remote parts of Africa for next summer."

Coming Next Summer: The Peril of Bushmeat

HT: Rand Simberg

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LudditeVegans are the worst to deal with. Some concepts just do not mix well at all. It's a clear sign of a broken mind.

Posted by: Will at Wed Dec 19 15:03:05 2007 (WnBa/)

2 *facepalm*

Posted by: Wonderduck at Wed Dec 19 22:29:50 2007 (JQe3J)

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