February 24, 2021

A Critique of the First Few Episodes

...of 2021.

After the Gatling gut punch and cliffhanger that was the prequel, I was expecting some respite for the characters and  none has been forthcoming. There really needs to be SOMETHING to break the tension, a tender moment, perhaps some comedy relief.

A beach episode would be nice.

However, the writers seem to be a bunch of  disaffected boughie boys who think that the unrelenting misery and depravity of iron age comics is the hight of literary accomplishment. 

The writers are also hacks because this show is not a medical procedural, the last cour was not entertaining, and this particular emerging plotline is derivative, unoriginal, unappealing and has been done to death.

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1 Given how things have been going...The zombie option might be the least worst option.

Posted by: cxt217 at Wed Feb 24 23:11:04 2021 (4i7w0)

2 Um, so what show is this I should be avoiding?

Posted by: Ubu at Thu Feb 25 09:13:29 2021 (UlsdO)

3 Ubu, he's commenting on current events.

Also, he must be a squish, because a True Conservative (TM) would be enjoying this plot line.  A True Conservative (TM) would have intuited instantly that we will now be able to do something about the last thirty years of rising evil; with the courts defunct a True Conservative (TM) would absolutely be eager and enthusiastic about resolving all disputes with knives. 

Slightly more seriously, Trump was the breather episode.  This plot arc started in 1992 or 1988, when they needed a new villain to replace the Soviet Union.  So 41 stabbed 40 in the back, leading to 42, and 42's wife's ambition to become America's Lenin and turn the US into the USSR.  43 was a relief that this didn't immediately happen, even as 43 stabbed the base in the back.  Then with 44, back on track to mass graves.  45 was the brief hope spot before we head into the climax. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Thu Feb 25 09:51:52 2021 (6y7dz)

4 So what you're saying is that it's a Mexican soap opera?


Posted by: J Greely at Thu Feb 25 17:49:18 2021 (ZlYZd)

5 Oh.  I'm avoiding current events until the next election, war with China, or the revolution, whichever comes first. 

Posted by: Ubu at Sat Feb 27 17:39:05 2021 (UlsdO)

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