December 29, 2020

A Solution to the Gawr-Gura Conundrum

 Gawr-Gura is an English language V-Tuber associated with Hololive. Gawr-Gura is a little unusual in a manner distinct from her just being little and unusual. She embraces the conceit of many female V-Tubers being some variety of fantasy trope animal girl, but instead of being a catgirl, foxgirl or bunny-girl, she's half-carcharadon, you know, a great white shark. 

There's lore, I'm sure. 

While other demi-human damsels have cute animal ears coming out of their heads Gawr-Gura's hybrid nature is denoted by an art-deco hoodie and a shark tail. 

Now, if you're anything like me, you're looking at that and wondering how she goes to the bathroom.

"Whatever setbacks I have had in my life, I can at least always be secure in the knowledge that I am not anything like you." 

Anyway, Hololive is a Japanese company, and over there, a few Gundam toilets notwithstanding,  they have lots of squat toilets, so, problem solved.

The toilet in the maison I lodged at  for a month in Nerima; better suited to shark-girls than honkey-boys. . 

See? There's one less thing to worry about now.

You're welcome. 

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