March 27, 2020

Pixiv Fanbox is Moving

For those of you who support artists via patronage services, Pixiv Fanbox, (which is Pixiv's rough equivalent of Patreon and SubscribeStar) is moving from to The creator's individual sites will also change url's for some reason. 
Back in November, Pixiv forked off their microblogging site Pawoo. This might lead to some speculation that dreadfulness is afoot, but Pixiv is saying that this is to facilitate marketing for the artists by simplifying the URLs and making them more artist centric. Anyone who has tried to use the Deviant Art shop might find this argument compelling. 

However, the artists are responsible for submitting their own URLs by the end of April so I predict some confusion. 

Anyway, shorter version:  
In about a month some people who follow artists on Pixiv Fanbox  are going to have to update their bookmarks to new urls, which are yet to be determined.

CopyPasta of the message to users is below the fold, and the surprisingly good Giggle Translate of said missive is below that. 

3/27/2020 04:28
All users












https:// クリエイターID


Q. クリエイターIDを設定しなかったらどうなる?
A. 全クリエイターに対して、最初にランダムな文字列で生成された仮のクリエイターIDが自動で割り当てられますので、それがそのままクリエイターページのURLとして使用されます。

Q. ドメイン変更後は今までのURLは使えなくなりますか?
A. ドメイン変更前のURLにアクセスした際は、自動的に旧URLに対応する新しいURLへ遷移します。そのため、ドメイン変更後に旧URLを使用していたページの内容を変更する必要はありません。

Q. ドメイン変更後でもクリエイターIDの設定は可能ですか?
A. 可能です。ただし、すでに他のクリエイターに使用されているのと同じクリエイターIDは設定できませんので、お早めの設定をオススメしています。



pixivFANBOX will move to ""
3/27/2020 04:28
All users
Thank you for always using pixivFANBOX.

pixivFANBOX will move its domain from the current "" to "" at the end of April 2020, the second anniversary of the official release of the service.

In addition, the URL of the creator page will be changed to a more easily understood URL using the name (creator ID) set by the creator itself as a subdomain.

Why change domains
pixivFANBOX has grown greatly thanks to the official release of the service in April 2018, and has become available to many creators regardless of genre. Over the past two years, total monthly support has more than doubled and is still growing.

We decided to change domains as a major step forward in growing our services and helping more creators create.

Currently, pixivFANBOX exists under "", and the page URL of the FANBOX for each creator is extremely long and difficult to understand, including the ID of only the number automatically set when registering for pixiv It has become.

for that reason,
・ Make the URL short and easy to understand
・ To allow creators to freely set the FANBOX subdomain

Through these, we want to make the URLs easier for the creators themselves to remember, and as a base for their creative activities, we hope to make FANBOX more attached.

â–¼ Example: URL of pixivFANBOX official account

We hope that pixivFANBOX will be more comfortable for creators and will support creative activities for a long time.

Request to creators
From today, you can set "Creator ID" for all creators registered in pixivFANBOX from this setting page.

After that, the prospect of the end of April 2020, to migrate the domain to "". From the time of transition to the new domain, the creator ID set in advance will be assigned as it is as a subdomain of the creator page.

â–¼ The new URL looks like this!
https: // creator ID

Therefore, we ask that creators set a creator ID by the end of April when the domain is switched.
Click here for the creator ID setting page
(Only registered creators can access)

FAQ about domain change
Q. What happens if I do not set a Creator ID?
A. All creators are automatically assigned a temporary creator ID that is initially generated with a random string, and is used as it is as the URL of the creator page.

Q. Will my old URL be unavailable after changing my domain?
A. When you access the URL before the domain change, it will automatically transition to the new URL corresponding to the old URL. Therefore, there is no need to change the content of the page that used the old URL after changing the domain.

Q. Is it possible to set the creator ID even after changing the domain?
A. It is possible. However, it is not possible to set the same creator ID that is already used by other creators, so we recommend setting as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued renewal of pixivFANBOX on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary. 

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