December 29, 2010


It's that time of year. Things have been a tad hectic of late and aside from a few minutes a day fulfilling my ninja obligations I've not been online much. However,  I just slogged through 389 E-mails, and am now otherwise nearly caught up.

There are a few links that have caught my eyes over the last few weeks. In many cases I intended to offer meaningful insightful commentary, but in the absence of any actual insight I'll just leave them here.

We are in deep kimchee. Really deep. There is no way out that does not involve considerable pain. The Tea Party types have talked a lot about cutting spending but specifics are few and far between. Paul Ryan actually has a plan  but pretty much everyone seems to be averting their eyes, as it is alarmingly sound and therefore a bitter pill indeed. Well, not everyone. Ace has more thoughts here.

Golly, this is so awful it almost defies parody. However, as I am a geek, it does remind me of a Star Trek episode.

Scott Lowther has pics of the new Chinese stealth fighter.

The New Republic has the Chinese reading list.

Having been a hazmat responder, I told my leftie friends about this and was dismissed. Vile bulbs are vile. It's worse than this, because cumulative effects and build up in the food chain occur even if your waste is politically correct.

X-Ray Lightning!

ZOMG...the pros from Dover have arrived!

TVA is working on Mini Nukes!

Hobbit eating storks.

Yay! Trinitramid! And here I said that plot point in Rocket Girls was silly.

Remember MS Bob? I don't, but it could have been the future. Oh, but for the want of some regulators was the future denied. Via Jerry Pournelle, More on this here.

Another "What if?"

The alternative to having ones junk touched. Have it shipped.

“initial operational capability,” Eww.

Ubu explains a really click on it.

Everywhere I turn, a homunculus.

Possibly the most significant single person on the US side in the Pacific War. She is buried in Arlington.

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1 A research scientist at my company - seriously, his business card has "senior research scientist" on it - working on watershed management IT development was astonished to be informed the other night, over beers at the local microbrewery, that his precious CFL bulbs were potential toxic spill incidents in a fragile glass shell.  It's amazing what people do and don't notice about their environs.

Posted by: Mitch H. at Thu Dec 30 09:50:36 2010 (jwKxK)

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