November 30, 2017

Internet Fight

Two rival gunblogger's research led them to very different conclusions regarding a historical matter. 

With millions in grant money at stake, only one's career will survive this confrontation!
Watch as they viciously tear into each other!
Grab the popcorn as they attack each other's reputation!
Thrill as they liken each other to Holocaust Deniers!

Oh wait.
These two are scholars, not academics.
There's no blood, tears nor fragile egos.

Well, that wasn't at all vicious, but it was edifying. 

The two original video's being discussed are here (8minutes)and here (90minutes). 

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September 23, 2017

Aerospace Projects Review

Well, I got one of those status E-mails from Patreon bearing the distressing news that Scott Lowther is sending plain language calls for asistance in advertising. Without an increase in sales he has to consider hanging up the slide rules and calipers on one of the best internet resources for aerospace history out there. 

It seems that his sales are running about 50 copies apiece, and considering that his prices are astoundingly reasonable and he's running all over the country to do research, he can't really justify this. 

He's not giving up yet, but he's asking for help in marketing his wares. 

And they are awesome wares indeed.

Now I know that some of my readers self-publish and know people who are masters of the ins and outs of self publishing, web-presence and web-marketing.  Can we get this fellow some advice, contacts and maybe a link storm?

 I've bought most of the available issues of his magazines and have been sufficiently impressed that I've mentioned this fellow before, but it's hard to do justice to how unique this publication really is. on this here link, scroll down and browse. The individual issues contain exactly what they say on the tin. If you don't find those topics transcendentally are wrong. 
A random sampling of articles:
Northrop ST-38 Space Trainer: a rocket-powered T-38 for trips to space
"Have Sting:" A General Electric design for a gigantic orbital railgun 
JPL Thousand Astronomical Unit probe: A spacecraft into interstellar space 
Integrated Manned Interplanetary Spacecraft: A Boeing concept for a giant spacecraft to Mars and Venus 
Convair Inflatable Spacecraft: an early spaceplane concept 
One Man Space Station: A 1960 McDonnell concept for a tiny space station 
Astroplane: A lightweight aircraft for the exploration of Mars 
Reactor-In-Flight Test: A Lockheed nuclear-powered stage for the Saturn V 
Project Orion, USAF and NASA 10 meter designs. This article presents many never before published Project Orion technical diagrams.
ROMBUS/ITHACUS: the Douglas concept from 1963 for a million-pound payload SSTO, and its stablemate that could rocket 1200 fully loaded US Marines anywhere in the world 
Convair Mach 4 Seaplane Bombers, by George Cully 
Convair's flying submarine.

I gather that his Patreon will soldier on regardless ( that is separate from the magazine and he's doing fiction there as well).

Given that each issue runs between $6 and $10 bucks and tend to have 80 to 140 pages of aerospace might have been goodness you all should probably run on over and start buying before it's gone.

With a little better marketing, it will not come to that, there is no way that there are only 50 people on the internet willing to spend 9 bucks on the stuff in this publication.

Said stuff includes actual designs for space battleships powered by atom bombs.

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June 10, 2017

Places of Interest

in the comments section Madrocketsci inquires (in reference to Isaac Arthur's excellent channel)...

 ...where do people like this hang out online?
Well, we linked to that one from here so, ipso facto, Brickmuppet Blog is a place where people who like this hang ou...

Art by Dani Ikapi

Well then.... 

Atomic Rocket is a superb resource for near term space exploration concepts. It is primarily geared towards providing authors a reference to assist in providing realism in spec-fic they can write SF "the way God and Heinlein intended"
Scroll down to the very bottom of the linked page for a sitemap. Be warned that this is digital crack. The engine list page alone will...

Damn. The sun is setting.

I should get back to the post....

Scott Lowther's site is named The Unwanted Blog for reasons that are quite unclear given that the correct response to it is "Do Want!". Mr. Lowther also runs Aerospace Projects Review, which produces several online magazines that look at forgotten aerospace history from an engineering perspective. 

Next Big Future is a science-news blog that focuses mainly on disruptive technologies and futurism. focuses on things that might keep the future from happening, like global thermonuclear war. It is dreadfully non-intuitive to navigate but there is a cornucopia of information on civil defense and high energy weapons effect on that site. 

The Secret Projects Forum is a vast message board dedicated mainly to forgotten transportation and weapons projects. Unlike most such sites it has a crackerjack team of moderators that purge unverified or made up content, so one doesn't accidentally find Antarctic Space Nazis in one's research into Horten Coal Fired Ramjets.

Jerry Pournelle's site is a stream of consciousness that touches on many futuristic topics and how to achieve them through a strategy of technology. It also has tips for how to preserve past knowledge and survive in the event that something stupid and terrible happens like a global thermonuclear war. 

The excellent Colony-Worlds focused on space colonization but hasn't been active since 2012. It still exists and has still got a good deal of info... while it lasts. 

Centauri Dreams looks at deep space exploration with the ultimate goal of manned trans-stellar voyages.

Icarus Interstallar is a non-profit advocacy group dedicated to bringing about a manned interstellar mission by 2100. They fund various engineering studies looking at the problem from different directions. 

The Lifeboat Foundation is an organization exploring various ways to preserve humanity in the event of an extinction level event such as a Hostile AI, asteroid strike, plague or global thermonuclear war. 

Nasa, is not as far as I know, NASA affiliated. It has forums for discussion of space related issues, but most of the high-end, credentialed discussions of speculative projects are moved to the L-2 forum which requires a subscription. 

The Space Review is an online magazine dedicated to space exploration, space business and space law. 

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November 30, 2016

Linky Love

Dustbury takes a look at what happens when insufficient thought is given to dress codes and naming sports teams.

The weather in Kansas blows....but the scenery's nice.

Ace has found what must be the quote of the week.
"Her claims to be a 'queer Muslim' are probably part of an act designed to fit into as many victim categories as humanly possible," Adams elaborates. "Sometimes I wonder whether LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Thespian. So much drama, so few letters in the alphabet."

Peter Grant notes someone who anticipates a crappy board game. 

Larry Correia talks with an expert on the pro's, cons and thought processes behind Marvel's latest marketing ploy.

NOBODY believes me when I tell them that this happened...

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September 14, 2016

A Few Good Links

Larry Correia has some thoughts on Trump.

While Correia's analysis and conclusions are pretty solid, these two related pieces from the American Conservative take a long and thoughtful look at how this dumpster fire happened. 

Rod Dreher has a shorter piece, much more a stream of consciousness, updated over a couple of days with edits. It takes a slightly different look at the same issue, namely the bigotry and 'virtuous contempt' one needs to be accepted as successful in this country. 

Finally, from the Claremont Review of Books, a piece on options presented by the deplorab...sub-optimal situation and a follow-up.

But fear not! Sarah Hoyt has thoughts on parallel structures. Yes, sign me up! This is foolproo.....oh wait

Holy...Crap. This is nuts. 

Fortunately J.C. Carlton has provided us with a page full of awesomeness...and some high octane nightmare fuel.I further note that J.C. is not trying to sell us store-able food, which makes that last link more worrying somehow. 


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July 02, 2016

Broken Bird

The Dustbury is down. 

C.G Hill just had spinal surgery and is trying to regain the use of his legs. Please go provide him with some encouragement, or, if you are able,  practical substitutes for the same.

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April 18, 2016

Ubuville is Under Water

We've been dealing with some annoying occorances of late, including but not limited to illness, exams, term papers, a sinkhole, severed cable line, and a spider. However, these do not compare to 20 inches of rain in 24 hours.

In the sincere hopes that Ubu Roi drags his bedragled self inside unharmed we're going put out some Ubu bait. 

All courtesy of Ueyama Michirou's bait shop

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April 07, 2016

Somewhere In the Great Smokey Mountains, Lies the Valley of the Win

"We should really pay more attention to J.Greely's sidebar!"

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March 22, 2016

An Atypical Indicator of Genius

While by no means a reliable marker of stupidity, lowbrow humor is generally not a particularly dependable indicator of high intellect. However, it should be noted that humor of any type often does not translate well across cultures and this difficulty is greatly increased when one is attempting to convey a boorish bon-mot in something other than ones native tongue.

Learning a language is hard. Learning its nuances is extremely difficult.

Thus, the use by a native Russian speaker of the word 'titular' in this particular context can only be an indicator of the highest acumen and as such serves as an uplifting inspiration to all of us who are striving to learn a foreign least those of us who are sufficiently problematic and déclassé to snicker at a boob joke.

Well played Pete.

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January 11, 2016

A Few Random Links (Genius Edition)

Some genius is translating the Beatus of Liébana and two volumes are already out. Said genius has other translations of Iberian medieval Catholic scholarship out as well.  Given that the Amazon Prime price is naught, I'm curious as to her business plan, but she's a genius, so she's probably got it covered. 

At the exact opposite end of nearly every spectrum or graph, another genius has blogged the junction of democracy, capitalism and trigger discipline. (Link probably NSFW)

Some mad genius in Texas is peddling an insane theory that involves the IJNS Nagato and Godzilla. Alas he has amassed compelling evidence, which is why he's not just a crazy person in Texas. 

A gunnery genius has composed...this

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November 29, 2015

Some Quick Links

While there is considerable concern being expressed about the Syrian refugee situation, Dustbury finds someone raising the alarm about a less appreciated invasion.  He also helpfully points out that all of my problems stem from a parking fee. In retrospect, it's probably a decent trade-off. 

Borepatch says all that needs to be said about Black Friday. He also manages to offend on multiple levels with only 9 words

Moonlistaria has Anime and Video Game recommendations up. (link via)

Tangentially related to that; while Wonderduck has been putting up a brave face yesterday and today, one should not underestimate the stress he will have to deal with  until January 25th

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November 16, 2015

Pantheon the word that J.Greely is looking for

I should point out that what he is trying to find words for does indeed warrant some considerable attention. 

"I would like to take this opportunity to remind people that there ARE other options available."

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September 29, 2015

Nothing I Can Type Can Possibly Improve Upon This.

Go now. Read this.


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September 17, 2015

A Horrifying Possibility

...with almost Lovecraftian implications.

Tam ponders a profound proposition that's perturbingly probable.

It's all a lie!1!

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September 13, 2015

Important Product Awareness Tip

...from J.Greely; or more specifically, his sister...

Public Service Announcement for the uninitiated (and others, like me, who don’t read labels on things like Bounty): They now make paper towels with dish soap in them. Don’t use them to make bacon in the microwave. #justsayin’ On the bright side, clean up was suprisingly easy ….

Who thought that was a good idea? 
Besides cooking, these paper towels are also pretty much useless for drying dishes, first aid, anything involving pets or whatever else one might  use a paper towel for in a pinch.. 

"...The HELL!?"

Yes. Emergency backup coffee filters are right out...

Also, from the comments, it appears that the Russians may be ahead of some of us in bacon preparation technology. 

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September 07, 2015

One Weird Trick For Getting the Local Archetectural Review Board Off Your Back

If the local ARB is giving you grief, just send them this or one of several similar pictures by Munashichi. Then they'll all have heart attacks and leave you alone.

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August 30, 2015

Thank You

I'm unable to comment on Suburban Banshee's site so I'll post this here.

As the majority of our readers are happily unconcerned with such matters, we have opted to provide the following compensatory visual content as a professional courtesy. 

RWBYStayKnights by Dishwasher1910

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August 29, 2015

August 27th 1859

The day the whales were saved!

Also, check out JC's whole blog, which is really neat.

It has been puttering along since February and I had not been checking it regularly. This was a dreadful mistake on my part as it is a really cool site.

It has technophilia, without any  disemvoweling. 

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August 20, 2015

Blogging on the Edge

Suburban Banshee, not content to limit herself to publishing scholarly translations of medieval texts, has decided to blog dangerously. Specifically, she's stumbled upon and posted about forbidden knowledge. Knowledge so forbidden that the Times Literary Society has removed it from its website. 

In stark contrast to those cowardly quislings, Suburban Banshee defies the dread Dervishes of decapitation by keeping the intriguing apostasy up on her blog. 

In short, certain Quranic texts have recently been dated too early... possibly before Mohammed started hearing voices from Gabriel.

The manuscript in question appears to be the one discussed here (which is a fascinating find in any event as it predates the 3rd Caliph's destruction of all versions of the Quran not his own). 

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August 19, 2015

When The Commute IS the Workout

Glute conscious cityscaping by Izumi Sai

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