June 05, 2007

Thor was Actually Half Right

  DNA in Incan chicken bones indicates that Polynesians were present in pre-Columbian South America.

  The late Norwegian anthropologist, adventurer and war hero Thor Heyerdahl  had  theorized  a relationship between  South American culture and Pacific Islanders...Though he apparently got the direction of travel backwards (he thought the flow of people was from east to west , hence Kon Tiki) this does give evidence that his observations were otherwise correct.

Go Thor!

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1 Ummm, actually....

People who say that Heyerdahl's theories were "refuted" are misunderstanding his claims. The current population of the islands is descended from asians traveling Eastward. What Heyerdahl was postulating on was the previous wave of settlers--- who arrived, established their little civilization, and then died out about the time the ancestors of the current lot showed up from the other direction. He based this on the cultural artifacts and stories left behind by this "first wave" and the similarities between their culture, and the culture of South America. (Specifically, the fact that both cultures had reference to a god-king by the name of "Tiki" or "Kon Tiki"--- the South Americaners said he sailed off into the sunset, while the islanders told legends of him sailing out of the rising sun...)

Basically what they've established here is that, while the first population died out, and was replaced by Asian settlers, the poultry population has a continuous geneology back to the first wave.

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