October 06, 2015

Simple Processes Involving Layyyzeerrzz

The most strongest of The Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Science Fairies brings us news fro the practical application of coherent light. 

Via Brian Wang, we learn that General Atomics (could there BE a more awesome name for a company?) is expected to be offering its line of Avenger drones with 150 kilowatt lasers on them.  The Avenger is a stealthy development of the much used Predator (and was formerly called Predator-C)

For comparison purposes, the article helpfully provides video of what the prototype 30 kilowatt laser on the USS Ponce can achieve. 

WARNING: Military grade laser...demo may cause ear damage and extreme irritation. 

Yes gentle readers, in a little over a year we will have flying robots armed with lasers!
Sarah Connor, raise your son well. 

Farther afield, in San Luis Obispo, Scientists are working on a solar laser that can de-spin asteroids for exploration and exploitation as well as alter their orbits so as to deflect space rocks that threaten to impact the Earth.  

Note too that if they can get a solar laser working, it is just a matter of scaling it up (a whole hell of a lot) to allow interstellar probes, perhaps even manned ones

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A ship is a perfect platform for a laser weapon, because it's mobile, has plenty of electric power, and potentially has things to shoot at.

The nicest thing about a laser weapon is that guidance is easy. You don't have to lead the target; you shoot exactly where you see it, because the beam is moving at the speed of light (of course).

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Wed Oct 7 02:20:02 2015 (+rSRq)

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