June 03, 2014

Mt. Pavlof Goes "Boom!"

Quick! Someone call Don.

Alaska's rambunctious Mt. Pavlof is having a fit. Fortunately, the volcano is in a sparsely populated area and is unlikely to menace anyone on the ground with except unwary vulcanologists. However, it may well disrupt air travel between North America and Asia if the wind shifts and trends continue. The observatory page for the mountain is here. I was previously unaware that there are actually 4 Alaskan Volcanoes that have alerts issued for them right now. 

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1 There's always something going on in Alaska, but the real action this year has been in Indonesia, with Kelud and Sangeang.

Posted by: Don at Wed Jun 4 07:42:43 2014 (Rr4UF)

2 Oh cone ON Don. How could anything in fricking Indonesia POSSIBLY be of any possible concern?

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Wed Jun 4 08:13:12 2014 (DnAJl)

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