November 02, 2019

Follow-Up to an Earlier Post

A MUCH earlier post; see, back in November of 2007 we noted that archeologists had discovered a semi-mythical submarine that was claimed to have been all kinds of advanced but was believed to have been lost in 1869, 150 years ago this year.

The SUB MARINE EXPLORER did indeed exist and  was found 12 years ago. She was intended for underwater salvage, exploration and pearl diving and sallied forth to Panama to do the latter, where her entire crew died "of fever" after a long dive.

Examination of the wreck and what was known of the sub's design indicate that they died of the bends after staying down to long and not decompressing properly. Now, a dozen years later, the reports of the survey are available online as well as photos and schematics of the submarine itself derived from the wreck that confirm other reports about how advanced the vessel actually was. The SUB MARINE EXPLORER was remarkably advanced for its day and worked, achieving most of its design goals. It had the ability to equalize pressure like a diving bell allowing its crew to exit the vessel underwater.

From the set of plans drawn up from the wreck and historical records at the Library of Congress

Sadly, reliable dive tables were not available until the early 20th century and this condemned the crew to an early grave despite everything else being done right. Unknown unknowns are among the most dangerous of things, but are inevitable when exploring new frontiers.

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1 "Unknown unknowns," they are called.  My over-degreed & credentialed pharmacy colleagues are discovering they are not construction project managers...
Similarly, when Musk drops his volunteers onto Mars (and I would still gladly put my name in) they will encounter things that all of us brights who read Brickmuppet's blog could never imagine. 
Death, rarely, is sometimes the only way forward.  The next colony will build upon the first's lessons.  And their memories and bones.

Posted by: Clayton Barnett at Sat Nov 2 20:28:48 2019 (ug1Mc)

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