June 24, 2007

Women of Space

  Encyclopedia Astronautica has updated their women in space page to include the Mercury 13.   

Art by Glenn Andrian of Altiz Studios.

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1 Ah, the glorious corps of women tricked into playing guinea pigs for an unfunded doctor posing as a government program. Yeah, as a woman _that_ makes my heart swell with pride.

Posted by: Maureen at Sat Jun 30 21:38:09 2007 (PMK7b)


So Maureen, you think we shouldn't honor these ladies, then?  Shouldn't give them any credit whatsoever?

How about Christa McAuliff?  After all, she never made it into space, either. 

Or is it that you object to the attempt to equalize the status of women in the space program?  That's what the Mercury 13 project was, after all... it was only the 'requirement' that all astronauts be test pilots that prevented them from being acceptable to NASA... but it wasn't a NASA program in the first place, the women knew they weren't in NASA, and they weren't being trained as astronauts anyway, it was all medical testing.

Saying they were "tricked in playing guinea pig" is rather loaded, don't you think?  It's almost like saying that YOU were "tricked into writing a comment at this blog".  It's bulls*it, and I think you know it.

And if you don't?  HERE'S something for you to read.

Meanwhile, at least someone tried to show that women were the equal of men... in a time where that was unheard of.  You may not like the results, but you've got to admire the attempt. 

I'm not sure what you're complaining about, Maureen.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sun Jul 1 14:57:28 2007 (FgNgv)

3 great work

Posted by: sauska at Mon May 4 01:31:33 2009 (0hfUm)

4 good job!

Posted by: sauska at Mon May 4 01:32:22 2009 (0hfUm)

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