November 25, 2020

Meanwhile, in Texas

Space-X just conducted what is believed to be its last static fire test on the main engines of its SN-8 Starship prototype. As is expected of anything Space-X, the result was a series of explosions.

Our crack team of Science Babes have thoughts on the implications of these explosions on the rocket.

"Yeah. That's actually how rockets work. In this test the explosions were all in the right places and pointed in the right direction! That's a, uh, success."


Well, that explains why this rocket, the prototype for a fleet expected to number in the hundreds and intended to travel to the moon, asteroids, as well as bring settlers to Mars, is still scheduled to conduct a test flight to an altitude of 9 miles next week

Note: 'Science Babes' are actually Yukari, Matsuri, and Akane...the Rocket Girls

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November 15, 2020


Space-X has launched a NASA mission with an international crew consisting of NASA and JAXA astronauts to the International Space Station. The mission commander, Colonel Michael Hopkins USAF, will be transferred and sworn in to the U.S. Spaceforce during this mission, and so this mission marks the first spaceflight of a Spaceforce servicemember. Hopkins has two spaceflights under his belt. Mission specialist Shannon Walker has done a previous tour to the ISS, Victor Glover is on his first spaceflight, but is an experienced test pilot and The Japanese astronaut, Soichi Noguchi, is one of 7 current (11 total) Japanese astronauts, has been an astronaut since JAXA was still NASDA, and has ridden fire twice. 

I dunno what the odd pulsing of the second stage engine pumps was, but it's now been 15 minutes, the capsule is in orbit, the first stage was recovered, and all 'splodies have been confined to the interiors of the engine nozzles.

Happy day! 

UPDATE: Final crew note; the zero gravity indicator on this mission appears to be Baby Yoda.

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