January 29, 2021

Space X

Well, there are a lot of conflicting stories as to what happened with the FAA and the SN-9 test flight scheduled for yesterday. 

However, as I type this they are rolling out SN-10 to the launch pad. 

Reportedly, SN-9 is scheduled for a Monday launch, but SN-10 is scheduled for "soon". 

We'll see. 

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January 13, 2021

Oh Wow. They're Going to Test This Thing Next Month

They've been best known until now for cool CGI animations of stuff they say they'll do eventually, but now The Gateway Foundation is announcing plans to do a 40% scale test of their fabrication robot 'D-Star'.  

If this thing works, even the 40% version will have massive potential to assemble things in orbit and beyond. If Space-X gets their rockets working and produced in the quantities that Mr. Musk is promising, then we could have the solar system from Mercury to Pallas opened up in less than a decade.  

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