June 13, 2007

Space Blipverts

Despite being just as busy as the Brickmuppet himself, one of the Brickmuppet's crack team of science babes finds time to send  us these quick space related links

EADS , a European aerospace company is jumping into the space tourism market.

TGV Rockets is touting its successful engine tests. These guys are fairly local and have a particularly neat concept based on minimum ground infrastructure.

Over at Tales of the Heliosphere....Useless Mars News! (Well, it's still cool news)

Colony Worlds reports on a group of private citizens trying to put together a manned Mars shot by...... 2014 ?!!

Though there was some disappointment at the lack of a big methane sea on Titan....the moon may yet have a sea of some sort...
There seems to be a subsurface ocean on Titan.

(I'm on the home stretch on my active duty, but posting will  still be erratic until  until about Monday. )

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