July 14, 2007

Qustions Answered

Via Jerry Pournelle:

You had asked how a published diary on the Internet (World Wide Web) came to be called a "blog".
BLOG was one of the protocols built upon IP (such as TCP, UDP). It was an acronym for "Brilliant Literature / Obnoxious Grunting". There was a certain amount of punning involved, since it could be used as a verb to describe singular and plural-voiced publication (iBLOG and weBLOG).
Some claim it was also derived from the old Kiltiberian blaugh (pronounced "blaugh") meaning compulsive chatter. Our modern terms "blather" and "blah blah blah" descend from that root; possibly "blarney" does also. The content of the typical blog displays a distinctive and memorable level of taste - reminiscent of Sturgeon - suggesting this family of terms should include "blah" and "bleah".
-- Bill Kilner

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