January 02, 2013

An Easy Peasy Contest

 As I type this I just got in from work and am checking my E-mail and noting something unexpected.


Some are just expressing curiosity and others are very deeply concerned about the reason that two of the recent posts included pictures of lamias. I thought this would be obvious to most of my readership.

So, to the first person to correctly guess from the context why there were pics of lamias in those two posts, I'll do one post on a topic of your choice.

Difficulty: Because I responded to one inquiry, you are disqualified from participating if your name ends in the suffix "duck".

Note: This picture is posted for reasons not directly related to the two others. It's here because I had to slog through a hell of a lot of Lamia pics to find a few worksafe ones (wtf!?) and because I just thought it was cute.

Doting lamia and daughter drawn by Nanashin (Link NSFW)

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