March 27, 2019

Testing the Blog's New Bitchute and You-Tube Embeds

For others who blog on, the how to-post on this is here.

Pixy has a You-Tube embed as well. It's of fading utility as most of the cool, interesting people are getting banned.

However, most is not all... it's still a useful tool.

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March 20, 2019

Status Update

It appears that our posts are being lost between chair and keyboard and we have decided that this is due to tachyon interference from transmissions emitted by the Dero from far beneath the Earth's crust in an attempt  to break the tyrannical hold on their third and fourth chakras that is being exercised by the Shapeshifting Reptoids from Draco who have taken refuge with the Antarctic Space Nazis in the hollow Earth after having to abandon their forward operating base in Cydonia after the Greys razed it with ortillery to prevent the Reptoid's and Nazi's joint (and evil) plan for global domination from interfering with the Greys' seedy and completely illicit fetish tourism and surprisingly lucrative manipulation of local (Terran) cattle futures. 

It is possible that the situation may be more or less complicated than that, but further investigation is needed and in any event things are hectic here, so we've decided to conclude this second rambling run-on-sentence with a picture of Grea who is a shining example of the societal virtues facilitated by hybrid vigor (and who has probably appeared in more TV series than any other half-dragonette).

Art by Wataame27

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March 19, 2019

Oh Wow. Look at All the Positive Feedback I'm Getti.....Oh.

Greetings gentle reader, we are working diligently to keep our comments free of salt, water, modified potato starch, sugar, sodium nitrite, pork and.......ham.
So, as I run down the ingredients on a can of SPAM,
I note the ingredients list both pork AND ham.
The world is all muddled,
and I am befuddled
so I'll just throw up my hands and scream "Damn!"

While I contemplate this conundrum, here is a period panorama by Pochi.

Pochi's blog is here and you can purchase Pochi pictures here.


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March 04, 2019

Test Post

Testing to see how the blog functions in the New Moon browser, which is the Mac version of Pale Moon.

First lets post an image; something inoffensive like like a modern take on Red Riding H...uuhhh?

Tsana by Lansane. Support him on his Pixiv Fanbox page.

Oh fabrijous day! Minx's superscripts and subscripts work in New Moon. (They don't in Epic, Safari or Opera. At least not on my Mac. And Vivaldi's got...issues.)

Lets see. How about videos? That ought not to be an issue, but it is with Vivaldi. Let's go with something that's stripped of enough context to be SFW and forgotten enough that it doesn't incriminate me in any way.

Oh crap! The website is still there.


Will it actually type π now?

How about formatting quotes and running animated .gifs? Let's try a reaction shot.

I’m not going to discuss the relative merits of astrology, but I’m going to say when an entire civilization formed on the enlightenment principles chases after it, things have gone seriously wrong.

Sweet. But does it support animated .PNGs?

Art by Kaku Choushi

Yes. It hasn't been Minx, it's been my browsers.

Though, upon reflection, we probably could have done without the booger bubble.

Now lets see if it supports automatic content generation.

Well. Dang.

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