February 10, 2013

Things have been exceedingly busy

...of late. I missed 11 days of school (out of 20 so far) due to the shot-proof flu and subsequent pneumonia, combined with a violent reaction to an antibiotic. Also the alternator died. Thus I've been playing catch up.

I have a couple of unfinished posts on current events and tech...but they are depressing me and sapping my energy.

Additionally I haven't been blogging about anime much because nothing that's streaming right now interests me and Nisemonogatari made me feel quite unclean. 

So, gentle readers,  here's another random picture to tide you over till I catch up .

Art by Sabaku Chitai is a slightly off model representation of Anglerfish Team from Girls und Panzer...and yet is strangely awesome.

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Pixy (The great guru of Mee.nu) has done a fine job keeping the pernicious purveyors of processed pulled pork shoulder at bay. Occasionally, a singularly sharp spammer will succeed in sneaking his shameful solicitations into the sidebar, but for the most part readers don't see the vast majority of the spam comments.

The depraved, delinquent douchenozzels often comment on posts over a year old, and they tend to comment in the same posts over and over. The latest fusillade of frustrating fiendishness  fell upon two recent posts and here, but mostly, they continue to flood this post.

What is it about Kannagi?

I apologize to you readers for venting my vexation at this venal villany by  maltreating you with my maladroit metablogging...so here is some tangentially related anime art as atonement.

Kannagi is no longer being published in the US but DVDs still turn up.


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