September 19, 2009

Blog Log

We've careened the blog on a reef and patched her up. She still can't raise 'er sails all the way and her signal flags are missin' but the leaks have stopped and she's fit fer some pirating.
SO! We're goin' to raise anchor, set sail for Sydney, and keelhaul us a shipwright until we're fully repaired!*

Until then, here are some bits of scuttlebutt we've heard as we sailed the sea of tubes.:

A Ghost Fleet!
Lookin' at this chart makes me want to hit the grog.
Avast! Fishieness!
Someone needs to learn the difference between starboard and port.
All the scuuuuurvy politicking above will make ye seasick if ye can't laugh at it. Har!

This here be alchemy and such....
This sorcery either be the newest version of the South Sea Company...or it be the biggest thing since the lateen sail. (I'd wager the former, but the later would be nice)
That green bilgewater....don't pump it off!
...and keep this too!
Vettes on the Lex!
Armadillos be working to explore the infinite sea.

Always keep a hand fer yerself when ye are in the rigging, beware of a red sky at morning, and never ferget that the master of the Brickmuppet Blog warned ye that Puni Puni Poemi is the 57th stupidist thing in all of creation.

Fair winds and followin' seas to all ye lubbers....

* Or send him or the other

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This here blog is still becalmed by a sea witches curse. Scuttlin' is still an option but we be not sunk yet.

In the interim let us present ye with a scrimshaw by Watase Yuu.

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September 17, 2009

Yes...Yes...I Broke It

I'm still coping with the fact that I used my base computer knowledge points to boost my Sci-Fi trivia skill roll.

Blogging will recommence...eventually.

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September 07, 2009

The Pros are On It

Yes there is weirdness with the blogs formatting and imaging.
Fear not! Our crack team of antipodean troubleshooters is on the case.
Everything will be fixed in a week or there will be a new blog with the same name and 917 fewer posts in this very spot.

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September 02, 2009

Back in the States

I am back from Japan.
Blogging will resume shortly.
I hope to have the weirdness with the banners fixed by Friday.
A few quick thoughts...

Continental airlines is excellent. Not only was this the cheapest flight I've taken in 12 years, it was almost pleasant. There is no way to make a 13 hour flight in coach pleasant, but Continental came close.

When you reenter the US try to do it in Houston. The line for customs and immigration was every bit as long as any I've seen, but the line moved. I was a random bag check and I still got through in just over an hour. By comparison Bob and I had a 5 hour layover in O'Hare in 2007 and missed our plane. I had a 4 hour layover in San Fran in 2008 and only made the plane because I called when I cleared customs and they held the plane 4 minutes. I stark contrast to O'Hare the staff at the airport in Houston was professional and courteous. My only gripe was that the currency exchange did not handle coins.

School started 2 days ago and there are a ton of beauraucratic snafus to resolve so I'm off....

Trip pics and other actual content soon.
I lieu of said content here is some Horo.

Horo by Lasterk.

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