July 09, 2013

Eating Crow With Verve

R.S. McCain isn't the only one dealing with contributors publishing unfounded rumors.

 Bearing Drift is a conservative blog focused primarily on Virginia politics. Love or hate their views they have built a reputation as a bunch of straight shooters. Well, Friday one of their contributors, a Willie Deutch, announced that Governor McDonnell was resigning...and their traffic shot through the roof...and made the local radio station.

However, this story appears at this point to be utter bull squeeze.

The next day Bearing Drift put up this post. They are not throwing Deutch under the bus...yet...as he may have been burned by a source but they do acknowledge that the story is at best dubious. As corrections go, it's pretty decent, being on the front page and all.

It also stands as a reminder that reputation is not easily gained once lost and there are a LOT of BS stories out there. We here at Brickmuppet Blog are not immune to getting stories wrong. It's easy to get burned if ones normally reliable source is on crack that day...but it's important to remember that much of what is out there is crazy. Theres a LOT of BS stories floating about now...it seems to be more than usual....I know of several bloggers who've had to retract posts when they found out that stories they got from normally reliable sources were tracked back and found to ultimately come from Alex Jones or something.

So beware.

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