March 07, 2021

From Mojave to Big Sur a heck of a road trip but, to my astonishment not a great deal of trouble with regard to Mac operating systems.

I've judiciously avoided MAC updates after the Catalina fiasco last year, but now, as I try to get my Twitch channel up and running and do video editing,  I find I need the latest OS to run the associated software. 

Despite my trepidation, the update went quite smoothly. I purchased my iMac in August of 2019 and went from Mojave to the new Big Sur with no real problem. 

In stark contrast to the Catalina fiasco, almost everything works. 

There is an intermittent bug with the Apple Mail application not wanting to autoload occasionally. This affects me not at all, as I hardly use that app ever, linking directly into my mail accounts. On the rare occasions that it doesn't load it can be manually started. 

Some older applications no longer work. I'll need to get updates for them no doubt.

The most relevant issue for me is that video files of most types no longer display thumbnails when browsing through finder. VLC works fine, but .WEBMs don't. 

That's it. That's the extent of the bugs so far. 

Internet works fine. 

The new OS is not turning my spreadsheets into pixel salads, or locking my computer up and slowing everything down a crawl. 

The interface changes seem to be an actual improvement as well. 

I'm not seeing any real problems aside from the most minor issues.  The Big Sur upgrade seems to be a throwback those halcyon days of yesteryear when Apple was a hardware company that produced rock solid software for its products rather than a malware company that diffidently produces some widgets. 

It's been a whole week, and I'm honestly still waiting for the hammer to fall. 

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