January 01, 2024

Technical Issues:

Well the new PC did NOT solve the issue I have posting in Mee.nu. The previous post took 5 attempts, I saved my text and kept reloading. Images seem to be a big part of the problem, I have about a 50% success rate with imageless posts as opposed to 20% or less with illustrated posts. 

The new PC DID enable me to stream non-retro games again. Zomboid, and Genshin (the latter of which I could not even play on the iMac) run great. However, the PC version of FF14 seems to want me to start at the beginning again and loose my 18 months of progress. My iMac character is still on file with Square Enix, so I hope to resolve this issue tomorrow when their help staff is back from holiday. Otherwise I'll be replaying A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, and Stormblood. Which would be....well...reruns. 

My new computer desk has arrived. 

However, If I can't resolve the posting issues (which I thought were Mac related) I'll likely have to switch blog hosts (which I DON'T want to do....I like Mee.nu and like Pixy) . 

In any event. We'll be resuming regular streams Thursday. I might do a late stream this evening if I can get a few things taken care of in the next 3 hours. 

(Update: This is the first post in months that posted on the first try!)

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1 What happens with failed posts?  Timeouts or errors?
What browser are you using, and what, if any, extensions?  The Disqus commenting system, used by Instapundit, for example, gets bent out of shape by Firefox's enhanced tracking blocker, and won't let you drag and drop images.  That probably isn't the exact problem, admittedly, but it might be in the realm of browser/extension interactions.

Posted by: Rick C at Mon Jan 1 19:40:48 2024 (BMUHC)

2 I do not recall if your new 'PC' is windows or Mac.

I have heard that Apple requires that all of the browsers on Mac be rebuilt around an Apple supplied engine.

Windows would then have a much wider range of browser options.

If this is so, another browser could be a fix. If someone else who blogs here was willing to do some testing on different browsers, and offer advice.

I don't have tons of time ATM, but I do probably have the tools and skills.

I think there are like four or five different engines for browsers, that are reasonably up to date, and full featured.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Tue Jan 2 10:45:00 2024 (r9O5h)

3 Okay, checking wiki, four that have real or 'real' maintainers. 

But, one of those is Apple's Webkit. 

Edge and Vivaldi use Blink.

Firefox uses Gecko.

Pale Moon uses Goanna.  (Straver is one man, that does run a team of what I think are volunteers. )

Some of the other engines might technically satisfy my criteria, but have specifics that make me doubt them as practical options.

That said, my tastes wrt to browsers might firmly place me as crazy. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Tue Jan 2 10:57:22 2024 (r9O5h)

4 Oh wow. Thanks! The new computer is indeed a PC as opposed to an Apple. I really thought that the posting issue was Mac related, like so may of my issues. I'll look into the browser aspect of this when I get back home Friday. I'm currently using Brave. Thanks again!

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Tue Jan 2 11:53:20 2024 (liVFZ)

5 Pat:  I believe the "no browsers that aren't skins of Safari" is only for iOS, that is, phones and tablets, and that you can use other browsers on a Mac.

Posted by: Rick C at Tue Jan 2 18:28:13 2024 (BMUHC)

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