June 16, 2009

More Status

...My grandmother had a series of terrible headaches last night. Before I went to bed, I took her blood pressure...
192 over 123


188 over 124

Well bed was obviously not happening....and I ended up not going to work...
Of course the doctor found her blood pressure normal...so we had them look at our blood pressure monitor...it worked fine.....

His response"

"Well, she may well be having fluctuations...my advise is to not use the home blood pressure monitor."

Our response:
"But you said it was calibrated properly and we were using it right.

His response:
"Yes, but if her blood pressure really is spiking it will get you all upset...."

My response: New doctor. 

Srsly guys....WTF?

Anyway there is a new set of pills in the house for my Grandmother now.

In other news my mothers surgery has been delayed again. Both of the surgeons want to do another biopsy, this one very invasive (full blown surgery) to determine the extent of the actual surgery....which is delayed yet again.

I haven't slept in almost 2 days....but as I type this...I'm unable to sleep.

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1 Too many, especially old people, tend to regard a doctor, anyone in a white jacket, word as gospel.  I learned long ago that if the doctor acts like a hindmost physiological feature, doesn't listen or exhibits poor judgment, they're fired.  Finding a good doctor is like finding a good mechanic.

Posted by: Jerry in Detroit at Wed Jun 17 06:14:48 2009 (PF9OJ)

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