August 14, 2007

Just Random Stuff

The trip is going great, though I'm having some issues with uploading pictures.

I head for Kyoto/ Nara tomorrow.

I spent most of last night (Tokyo night/ Virginia day) trying, apparantly in vain, to clear up an issue with my tuition assistance and find out about my grandmothers condition as she was rushed to the doctor. (she's OK)

So I was on the internet a bit last night and as I make my train reservations I feel I should post something here.

A few completely unrelated things caught my eye that I have no time to comment meaningfully on here.  

There is a facinating and scary post on creepy obsessive Munchausens and other vermin over at Colleen Doran's blog.

Hitchens has an interesting and typically merciless piece on the "real war". I've a few minor quibbles regards the difference between Alquaeda and their franchisees but thats a post for later.

Over at Volokh Conspiracy Ilya Somin looks at the iconography and reality of Che' and the teflon that seems to coat his sucsessors.

Dr. Helen looks at  self defense and the limits of nonviolence and links to a news story of women that just wouldn' be robbed.....and in a related go girls. (Both via Instapundit)

Via Jerry Pournelle. Freeman Dyson shares thoughts on global warming and the importance of heritics. Pournelle himself has a great letters page today.

Finally, these two stories are causing me a bit of unease...

Oh dear...


This is also worrisome...

Back in a day or two...

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PIXY ALERT...same as before but this time I get serendipity error at the hyperlink in "you go girls".

Posted by: Ken Talton at Tue Aug 14 08:52:41 2007 (JZPnT)

2 Ken, this one doesn't work for me, either... I'm getting network timeouts for the link as is and for the top level ( The one in the previous post worked fine just now (both from the link within the post and from the one in the comment).

Posted by: Old Grouch at Wed Aug 15 19:58:42 2007 (Ppaxm)


Odd, It may be something to do with my posting from Japan.

Another bug. In the Image widget, "rotate picture" does not work for me..I'm not sure it even interfaces at all.

Again, I'm blogging from that thar 'ole Jaypan via various cybercafes and using IE which is the only browser they seem to have.

Posted by: Ken Talton at Thu Aug 16 10:53:16 2007 (A1S6z)

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