September 13, 2014

Comments Issue

I've been informed that some people are having difficulty commenting. Specifically, I'm told that comments are being sent to moderation and I'm not approving them. 

Well, I don't moderate comments. In fact the blog does not even have it as an option, so something is amiss. I tried commenting myself and had no problem so this may be specific to certain users. 

Anyway, if you are having any problem commenting, please leave a comme.....


Oh well. While our crack team of datapixies work on that problem, I can at least do my bit to help my readers avoid heartbreak. In 1992, I learned to my considerable dismay that the following line does not, in fact, work. 

Sugar, spice and copper telluride.

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1 Another one of the science babes, eh?

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Sat Sep 13 09:43:54 2014 (+rSRq)

2 In some browsers, if one is not logged in, then comment just disappears. I don't remember about Chrome, but Midori is like that for sure. This leaves an impression of moderation in action.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Sat Sep 13 14:08:27 2014 (RqRa5)

3 Hmm, one wonders if the ample supply of "science babes" might not be distracting our host from his studies...

Posted by: Siergen at Sat Sep 13 17:50:10 2014 (r3+4f)

4 He should be so lucky...

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Sat Sep 13 18:55:42 2014 (+rSRq)

5 I get logged out a lot, but the name, mail and web lines appear filled in.  But if you don't see the "Hello (name), you are logged in to Minx" line under the preview and post buttons, you're not logged in, and after you hit post, the page reloads, the text box is cleared, and the comment doesn't post.

This can cause a lot of confusion.

Posted by: Mauser at Sat Sep 13 19:22:02 2014 (yigXr)


The "getting logged off" thing was something Pixy fixed last year. But when we had the meltdown and recovered to an earlier backup, that fix wasn't in the code we retreated to.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Sun Sep 14 00:59:23 2014 (+rSRq)

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