January 16, 2008

A Series of Tests of This Series of Tubes ピクシはとてみいいですね!

Just some tests of the new system here at school and Pixies recent tweaking.





 Well then...everything seems to work except the kana in the title..


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I can see the characters in the title, and it looks like Pixy's fix to scrub those characters from the URL is working just fine.

I'm a little rusty (consult with a licensed professional on all of this), but I don't think you're allowed 2 "wo" particles in a sentence. I think what you probably want to say is "mee.nu de blog shimasu". (run that by your teacher though, I'd be curious to know if URLs are treated more like a place than a thing)

The only other thing I'd mention is that when stringing several sentences into a sequence like, "so-and-so is doing this, and doing this", rather than using the "to" particle, you conjugate the verb of each action to the imperative "-te" form (with the exception of the last verb, which establishes the tense).

sukai-san wa ika wo tabete batboy wo mimasu.

But in this case, she's doing it right now and continuously, so

sukai-san wa ika wo tabete batboy wo mite imasu.

would probably be more accurate.

(and for some reason, my wapuro suddenly isn't letting me paste kana into the comment box, otherwise that wouldn't all be romaji)

Posted by: Will at Thu Jan 17 11:15:50 2008 (E3UGR)


Thanks Will!

I'm seriously rusty, between Christmas and the stint of Coast Guard active duty, my 日本語 skills have atrophied with alarming speed.

It does look like Pixy's workaround is indeed a success.

Posted by: Brickmuppet at Thu Jan 17 16:16:07 2008 (QCzUO)


It's an easy language to loose in a hurry. I've got the basics down pretty well after having to relearn them about three times now.

The longer I'm away from formal practice (subbed anime really doesn't count), the more I want to go back for more classes. I was starting into the middle 200 and low 300 level classes when I had to buckle down and focus on my engineering degree. Unfortunately, I don't have a good feel for where I could safely jump into a community college program (and I'm done paying university tuition). Yeah, I'm rusty, but I don't need to relearn basic grammar, kana, and vocabulary.

What I really need is speaking/listening practice. That was always my weakest area. Going back to my old University teachers to pair up with a speech partner would be a little weird though. There's a noticable level of ("sanctioned") match-making that seems to go on in those programs between guys with Asian-fever and Japanese girls looking to rope a gaijin and escape the homeland. Showing up on their doorstep looking for real practice would probably just confuse them

Posted by: Will at Thu Jan 17 20:50:30 2008 (WnBa/)

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