March 07, 2016

Aaaand.....We're Back

Midterms are over, though, there were other distractions over the weekend. While spring cleaning, I cut on the overhead light in the spare room, only to my considerable chagrin...that the light cover was being employed as an unlicensed flop house by half a dozen of the vast numbers of stinkbugs that have been seeking asylum in southeastern Virginia this winter. As I had the fan running to air out the aforementioned room, the aroma of stinkbug flambe' was distributed through the house in a most egalitarian manner. In other news, my heater core blew Friday night, at least I THINK that's what happened since the van suddenly filled with the subtle fragrance of antifreeze. Cutting the heater off is an acceptable work around for now. The rest of the weekend involved laundry, fixing a broken toilet, intermittent connectivity issues, and a bunch of ghouls who beset me after I jumped into a whirlpool to escape a particularly durable deathclaw

"That last item isn't so much an explanation as an admission."

In any event; as compensation for the disrupted posting we have provided some Hestia cheesecake below the fold. 

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1 You can see why voters think that way when AEI (yes, the AEI) hosts a secret meeting between all the tech nabobs, starting with Tim Cook, and the GOP elite from Mitch McConnel down, at an island in Georgia. You know how much mileage Soviets got from the fake, made-up negotiations between CIA and Nazis in Italy on the topic of the separate peace. But this meeting has actually happened. Do GOPe think we pay no attention?

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Tue Mar 8 14:39:13 2016 (XOPVE)

2 Woops, that was meant to replace to Steven's comment elsewhere. Oh well.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Tue Mar 8 14:41:04 2016 (XOPVE)

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