August 28, 2016

Much Like This Individual...

...I've been distracted by trivialities that have caused me to loose focus regarding rather more consequential things that need to be dealt with. 

Art by Subaku

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July 26, 2016

Palate Cleanser

Recent posts have been less than inspirational, so here is a study of a serene tropical beach....and a watermelon.

Art by Yana (formerly went by Nekoarashi)

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June 04, 2016

A Test of Testable Things

Well there's been....TALK.

I walked into the cafeteria the other day and noted that all the cool kids were talking, presumably about cool things, so I walked over to say hi, but before i did I realized that they were actually venting about some dork...and then I realized, it was probably me so I hid behind the soda machine before they saw me and then skipped lunch and then I ran home and cut myself checked the blog in Epic, Opera, Vivaldi, Safari, Midori and Chrome and didn't see a problem but realized that the complaint was about IE...which I don't use because it tries to upgrade my Windows 7 into Windows I just gave up because the day was terrible since I'd already gotten a "D" in English because of something called a "run-on-sentence". 


I noted that my page was set at 25 posts per page, I've cut it down to 5. As a stress test,  since two other posts have embedded videos in lieu of content, I'll put this animated .gif  of a girl passionately explaining why duodecimal is just better.

Let me know if cutting the the page count addressed the issues. 

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April 27, 2016

Monotonous Meta Monologue

Hello gentle readers.

We're trying to check out the blogs compatibility with Vivaldi, and double-checking a few things in our 5 other browsers. One annoying peculiarity is apparent right away

Additionally, some combination of keystrokes associated with the "BACK" key reverts the page to the previous page in the tab...thereby dumping the post.

Naturally, this is a break from format and therefore of limited appeal to our readers. Thus, sacred honor dictates that we post this picture...

Because few things over the last several weeks have been quite as refreshing as Blizzard's response to those who feel that the greatest problem in the world is Tracer's epic bodankey.

As to the upcoming game itself, I thin....


While I detect the foeted aroma of sarcasm in that outburst, in fairness, it should be noted that we do count amongst our loyal readers those who are not explicitly catered to by the first image.

To that end...

All nekoboys are 18 years of age or older. proof of age was on file in annex C of section 42 of the basement of the Ministry of Education Truancy Division Sector 8, Orion Arm Local Office Copies Division, Located orbiting Alpha Centauri B Planet 3 Moon 2 Quadrant 1, Sector 81, Spoo County, at the corner of 8th Street and Dogwood Avenue and was retained there until the nekoboys alluded to reached the age of majority at which point such records were burned pursuant  to the child welfare act. That is our story, and we are sticking to it.

However, this can digress to an alarming degree since our diverse audience boasts a number with...unconventional interests.

...which would just not be keeping with our format and so that is why we generally subcontract such matters to 4-Chan.

Let's try a quotation now

...might not be so bad, with all the lazy bums we got panhandling relief nowadays, and living on my income tax and yours—not so worse to have a real Strong Man, like Hitler or Mussolini—like Napoleon or Bismarck in the good old days—and have ‘em really run the country and make it efficient and prosperous again. ‘Nother words, have a doctor who won’t take any back-chat, but really boss the patient and make him get well whether he likes it or not!” 
― Michael R. Meyer, It Can't Happen Here

Ok...that covers most formatting tools and our ongoing nightmares..
Perhaps that's enough for now.

UPDATE: Does anyone note any oddness?

The banner images are working now. I suspect I have a broken banner in the rotation. I still cant figure out quite what selection of keys causes the page to jump back though. 

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March 07, 2016

Aaaand.....We're Back

Midterms are over, though, there were other distractions over the weekend. While spring cleaning, I cut on the overhead light in the spare room, only to my considerable chagrin...that the light cover was being employed as an unlicensed flop house by half a dozen of the vast numbers of stinkbugs that have been seeking asylum in southeastern Virginia this winter. As I had the fan running to air out the aforementioned room, the aroma of stinkbug flambe' was distributed through the house in a most egalitarian manner. In other news, my heater core blew Friday night, at least I THINK that's what happened since the van suddenly filled with the subtle fragrance of antifreeze. Cutting the heater off is an acceptable work around for now. The rest of the weekend involved laundry, fixing a broken toilet, intermittent connectivity issues, and a bunch of ghouls who beset me after I jumped into a whirlpool to escape a particularly durable deathclaw

"That last item isn't so much an explanation as an admission."

In any event; as compensation for the disrupted posting we have provided some Hestia cheesecake below the fold. 

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February 29, 2016

Midterms Are Upon Us

Posting is, therefore, likely to be intermittent. Here, as atonement, is something to tide you over that seems to cover all bases. 

Artist Unknown, but it appeared recently in Nyan-Type 

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January 08, 2016

Another Test Post

I just upgraded Parallells and now the blog looks all wonky on windows via my machine. 

I looked at it through a couple of other computers today and it looks fine there, so it's probably something to do with the recent software upgrades to my iMac, or it's specific to Midori.

Let's see if pictures work:

It's the Martini-Henry that really sells that picture.

Now lets try some tags:

Superscript test
Subscript test

Some things are just stupid. Some other things occasionally transcend that stupidity by embracing it. This may be one of those other things.

UPDATE: Well, we won't be using Midori for a while. Posting will resume shortly.

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December 28, 2015

I Have Been Remiss in My Blogitude

Rooster Teeth has been remiss in getting the next episode of RWBY out after that gut wrenching cliffhanger they foisted on us two weeks ago.

To partially address both issues, here is Ruby Rose doing a dramatic  reading for your enjoyment.

I swear. It sounds like Random House has figured out how to print cooties.

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December 19, 2015

So Exhausted

...that I can't even spell occoured, ocour....that word for "happened" correctly. 

So rather than post anything substantive, I'll rely on the fallback of a cute girl in seasonal attire swearing like a sailor at you.

Full Disclosure: I don't...strictly speaking...know what she's actually saying, but I can make some problematic assumptions based on her background and the fact that she obviously suffers from turrets syndrome.

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December 10, 2015

15 More Days

...till, posting returns to normal. Here is a compensatory Yuletide dreadnought.

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December 03, 2015

In Lieu of Content: Here's Something Seasonal and Surely Problematic

Art by Tob

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November 18, 2015

The Christmas Imp Is Out Early This Year

Unhallowed Yuletide Yandere By Toropu

Despite, (or perhaps because of) the fact that the economy has been so-so and is looking uncertain moving forward, online orders are surging, with the result that a full week before Thanksgiving we are already getting the kind of hours we got in early December last year. 

Blogging is likely to suffer a bit. 

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October 28, 2015

I Know I'm Human

....and I know some of my commentors are human too.

But it will take longer than I have before work to figure out which of them aren't. 

I'll be back later to make things right.

In the meantime, make sure you eat out of cans as you amuse yourselves trying to figure out which of you is real. 

But ponder this. knows what color an orange is. 

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October 14, 2015

Egzam Heck!

I have midterms, a stone, and other issues, so I'll continue to be scarce. In the meantime, as compensation, here is a cute bunnygirl.

Art by Razi.

Look. It's fall, its cold, and she's probably looking for work, so stop complaining. 

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September 23, 2015

The Hiatus Continues

..but the sun is directly over the equator today, so...

Art by Sumashi (whose page has disappeared)

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September 20, 2015

Life Intervenes

Blogging will be sporadic at best for a bit. 

In the meantime, here is a different take on long-line fishing by Izumi Sai.

UPDATE: Well, that was an unfortunate typo. Happily, now, no one will ever know.

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August 02, 2015

That Comment Problem

I've been informed that people not logged into have been getting the following message when they attempt to comment:


I inquired to Pixy as to why my commentors were being harassed by what appeared to be an obscure Egyptian god.
Pixy informed me that he was able to acquire the services of the Egyptian god of what translates very loosely as spam busting for a remarkably reasonable rate.

Unfortunately, this had unforeseen consequences as the contract required that all users be registered as "Members of the Temple" and those who are not member be registered as "Unaffiliated". Fortunately, none of our commentors were sent to Duat before the issue was discovered (except for Wonderduck...He got better). 

Pixy has made arrangements so that non-menuvians can comment by presenting offerings of hieroglyphics via captcha. Note that since Egyptian gods have not been in the deity business since the abdication of Nectanebo the second, and in any event, as this is "payment" for admission to a secular web service, it is not actually considered apostay. 

Anyway...The comments should be fixed and we have captcha now. 

Art by Abusoru, who, to the best of our knowledge, has at no point denied this is a representation of Akismet...and that's good enough for us.

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July 22, 2015

Double Shifts Plus

I'm pulling near Christmas hours at work this week.

As compensation for the resulting light posting, here is a piece by Jumpei99.

Of course, I find myself wondering why there are no fairy-sized doors anywhere in this cityscape.

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July 13, 2015


For less than 5 minutes, there was a post here that expressed my extreme outrage at a particularly outrageous outrageousness. Only belatedly did I realize that that the original (and sole) source for this tale of venality was not a Newspaper article quoting witnesses as I had initially thought, but rather a solitary REDDIT post where some Anon claimed to have been at an event and behaved outrageously.


Here are some aqueducts that are about as well supported as the former post.

Outrageous Aquaductery by by Sebasuchya

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May 02, 2015

Brickmuppet Interactive!

Congratulations loyal readers! As a free perk of reading Brickmuppet Blog, you get to take part in cutting edge technology decision making.

Click here and tell me what you see, what you hear, what browser you are using and if you got the harem ending.

For those who do not wish to partake in such a meta exercise,  here is some scenery pr0n. 

MinasTerith (?) by Yo Shimizu
That other thing by Dick Dale and Shaft

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