December 29, 2010

An Extended Conversation with Evil

This is astonishing.
An American grad student has landed an interview with Dr. Bernhard Frank, a German WW2 veteran.
But there is more, because it turns out that Frank wasn't in the Kriegsmarine, or the Luftwaffe, or the Panzer Corps.
Oh no. He was in the SS.
He was the number 4 the SS.
He was THE Nazi.
The Nazi who signed the order that started the whole unspeakable hell in motion. He has proof.

...and Dr. Frank doesn't exactly seem contrite.
Watch the whole thing.

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May 13, 2010

Removing the Mask.

I'm appalled, but not surprised...not one bit.

Take 3 and a half minutes of your time and watch the whole thing.  In my experience, people like this are not terribly uncommon on college campuses where 'diversity' and 'tolerance' are often Orwellian signposts on a one way street.

UPDATE: OK one aspect of this this IS surprising. I'd somehow missed the bit about the Hitler youth rally the first time around.
Good grief!
Also, the brief applause in the background is telling.

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May 01, 2010

I'm Not Sure if This is Real

...but I agree with the sentiment.

Update: Oh yeah....the actual solidarity part.

Cox and Forkum...hitting on all cylinders with this one

More from Zombie who, in this rather interesting post, takes a moment from blaspheming to point out that this particular bit of asshattery (no images of  Mohammad) is actually a very recent development.

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March 09, 2010

I do not want to hear

...another word about US voters feeling intimidated because they have to show ID or register by a deadline or some such nonsense.

The Iraqis just showed us how it is done.

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June 24, 2009


While the US News is focused like voyeuristic jackals on that idiot Sanford and like devout cultists on the Presidents speech, all hell has broken loose in Iran.

There are reports of government thugs going after the protesters with axes.

Updates here, here and here

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June 16, 2009

Tweaking Teh Twitters

The Iranian government is searching for dissident twitterers. If you have an account, change your location and timezone to Tehran.

via Ace of Spades

Every little bit helps I suppose.

Then there is this via The Anchoress...

UPDATE: Steven Den Beste has thoughts on how digital cameras and things like Twitter allow this and other similar pictures to be seen...

Fifteen years ago it wouldn't have been possible. Fifteen years ago the people risking their lives with those cameras would have been using film. Fifteen years ago it would have taken days if not weeks for them to smuggle film out of such an area, get it developed, and get the pictures published (on paper). That's because fifteen years ago pictures were a physical medium. That's all changed. Now pictures are bits.

Now the cameras are digital, the smuggling is by satellite phone or internet, and publishing is on the web. In some cases the picture can be seen by thousands around the world within an hour of when it is taken. the whole thing.
 UPDATE 2: Again via The Anchoress

:::GO BACK DELETE ALL PAST TWEETS that may have Iran usernames . Arrests have been made. Please RT (Re-twee) ENSURE ALL SEE THIS:::
:::GOOGLE EARTH DO NOT UPDATE THE MAPS – it will allow govt to track protesters that are hiding on sidestreets and roofs:::
:::Video: Perhaps the most intense I’ve seen to date. Wish I had more details behind it.
:::thank you for braving the consequences to tell the world about what is happening:::

The odds against these people are at least as long as those against the protesters in Tinanmen, and there is, of course little that those of us in the 82nd chairborne can do. But every little bit helps.

UPDATE 3: Michael Totten writes...
A friend who analyzes Iran for a living recommends a new Web site called Where is My Vote? as an indispensable source of information coming out of Iran. Everyone involved with it is Iranian. Some of the contributors are inside. According to my source, who knows his chops, it’s accurate and up-to-date

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June 13, 2009

Tiananmen in Terhan?

...or the Berlin wall in '89?

Michael Totten is covering the unrest with constant updates as is Dan Riehl whose sources report that cell phones are off in the Capital and all tweets from the Islamic Republic have fallen silent.

UPDATE: At least partially Confirmed by AFP (Update: but see below)

The main mobile telephone network in Iran was cut in the capital Tehran Saturday evening while popular Internet websites Facebook and YouTube also appeared to be blocked, correspondents said.

Terhan Bureau is posting continuous updates.

More here, here, here, and here.

UPDATE: Twitter is up Iran events Tweet aggregator is here.

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June 08, 2009

Common Ground

    There are all sorts of issues that reasonable people can disagree on. However, I think that most people from all political persuasions ought to be able to get together, sing kumbayah and agree on at least one thing.

     Ed Whelan of National Review is a dick.

    A lot of people blog with pseudonyms because they fear for their jobs or in some places their safety. Outing them because they "nipped at your heels" is damned low.
     More here,here, and here. Rick Moran comments here and makes an important distinction....

If Publius had been a commenter at some blog attacking Whelan personally, or spreading lies about him, or simply calling him names, I would not be very sympathetic. But the blogger - one of the few left of center bloggers I find reasonable and thoughtful - gave what most bloggers would consider a mild rebuke to Whelan’s analysis and was outed for his trouble.

There's a post by the victim here who when confronted by Whelan via E-mail explained his situation and reasons for his no avail.

     I am short of time, and others more eloquent than I have expounded upon this...but this  quote that Instapundit puts up in his excellent link fest on this matter needs addressing.

Why should we feel sorry for him? If I was ever outed, I doubt that any liberals would raise their voices in my defense, except in a perfunctory “say it now so they can’t call me a hypocrite later” kind of way. And by then it would be too late. I would be outed and I would lose my job.

The same liberals who worked to get Prop 8 donors fired are now sobbing, sobbing, heartbroken, because this formerly-pseudonymous cyberbully is now on equal footing with the target of his bizarre obsession.

The same liberals who out closeted gays who have sex in private insist that they have a right to publicly harangue people with complete anonymity.


What's that Daryl?
Moonbat Lefties!?
Being Hypocritical thugs!? MY blogosphere!?
Golly willakers! Who'd have THUNK it?

      Because the other side does it does not make it right. On the contrary, this is one of the most troubling trends of recent years reaching its ultimate expression in the card check elimination of the secret ballot. This is the sort of thing that principled conservatives tend to oppose...regardless of who it happens to.This is a bad thing because it was a bad thing to do. To put the shoe on the other foot. A conservative academic without tenure could lose his job over something like this. Publius was a Leftie but if he is at a university like Bob Jones  then he could conceivably be in much the same pickle that a Righty would be in at the vast majority of universities in this nation. 

    It gets worse, the idea that someone who claims to be a conservative feels that it is inappropriate for someone to post anonymous political commentary under the pseudonym Publius...

    Hell, I'll just let that sink in there for a minute...

    This was a common trick. It is also creepy, Orwellian and smacks of stalking. It deserves full condemnation. Mr. Whelan is not going to change any of his readers view of Publius one whit, but he has given all of us a very clear view of himself.

UPDATE: as Steven Den Beste points out in the comments, Whelan has apologized. The last two sentences of his post do get to the heart of the matter
...As I stated in that e-mail, I realize that, unfortunately, it is impossible for me to undo my ill-considered disclosure of his identity.  For that reason, I recognize that Publius may understandably regard my apology as inadequate.


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April 13, 2009


It's always nice to see people who's face matches their inner beauty.
And nicer still to see them get the rewards they richly deserve.

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March 21, 2009

So...Would this be the Eucalyptus Curtain Then?

The Australian government has begun censoring the internet.

As Pixy explains, it gets even stupider from there.

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March 18, 2009

Norks Make Massive Technological Breakthrough

Fear the might of the DPRK...

It has taken almost 10 years of work, but North Korea has acquired the technology to launch a project very dear to its leader's heart - the nation's first "authentic" Italian pizzeria.

It's nice to see them get a success under their belt.... seeing as how the Atomic Bomb and feeding their people projects were utter busts.

Somewhere in heaven Sejong the Great is weeping.

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June 26, 2008

The Constitution Still Applies...For Now

  As pretty much everybody knows by now, the Supreme Court has upheld the right of the individual to bear arms.

 I'm very pleased to say the least. I firmly believe that an armed citizenry is  important for individual self defence and as such is a profoundly basic human right. It is also on balance a very important public good. In an area with a concealed carry law every thief, murderer or rapist knows that his victims may have the power to end his/her life....there is no better deterrent than that.  Finally it also deters governments to a certain extent from going all Mugabe on the population....the greatest atrocities in history have been perpetrated by governments upon populations they previously disarmed.   

Lots  of  good  discussion of this can be found  most everywhere but  these  two posts by Ilya Somin over at The Volokh Conspiracy  are important in that they get beyond the general sigh of relief and giddiness current in the rightosphere regards this....and point out that there are a few caveats thrown in by Scalia...and a reminder that a 5-4 decision is very susceptible to whomever the upcoming President is.

On a related note, the all loving, all knowing, God-head-sun-king is throwing his previous positions under the bus to better position himself for reaffirming them upon us all.

UPDATE: Murdoc has a huge roundup of Heller Links.

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June 17, 2008

Cannibal Otaku Miyazaki Hanged

One of the creepiest of Japans serial killers, Tsutomu Miyazaki, has finally been hung.

Good riddance.

There are those that will point out that this will bring none of the girls back as if this is some profound revelation. They will point out the obvious fact that the death penalty did not deter this creature from doing his deeds and congratulate themselves for their incisive deductive skills. Many of these same people will say that when someone like this is removed from our world that those of us who support this are as bad as the killer himself.

At that point they prove themselves to be rather nonserious or utterly devoid of perspective.

This unspeakably evil bastard raped, killed, raped again...and ate...little girls as young as four.

There are some actions so heinous that if a society places any value upon life, then it must insist that the perpetrators forfeit any claim to life. The very health of a society requires that such monsters face the ultimate punishment.

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May 01, 2008

Buckets of Suck.....

Over at the A Distant Soil Blog, is this  post on  the PlagueCon NYCC which, despite its, er, 'horrifying' illustrations is well worth a read as a whole. However, of particular interest to many here, is this paragraph...

I spoke with a number of the manga/anime sellers, and while all said their manga sales were OK, they had nothing but sad stories about the fansubs on the internet killing the market for anime. So much for “Free on the internet will get you customers!” Several said that they had a number of titles they could not bring to the US commercially because pirating had killed anime sales. However, scanlations of manga did not appear to have had the same effect. Hm.

I suspect that this is what was involved in the recent ADV scare. And I'm pretty sure it was involved in the decisions that killed Geneon.

The sad thing is I know of some people who will take pride in that.

We've had  50 or so years  of socialists  denigrating the very concept of property rights and now technology that has advanced to make intellectual property very difficult to protect without the very social pressures and norms that such rhetoric erodes. This is a perfect storm of suck for creators and those who otherwise innovate.

The bitch of it is that intellectual property, that is invention and creativity, is far more valuable to a society in the long run than tangible property. It is how innovation and creativity happen.

This is bigger than comic books, or film.

If copyrights and patents have no ability to be enforced then the act of creating looses its market value except in the rare cases where the inventor/ creator has access to production and distribution infrastructure to turn a profit imediately on said innovation/creation....before it is copied by those who do not have the costs associated with invention to pay back.

The enforcement of patents and copyrights was one of the primary things that made western civilization possible, because it encouraged rather than discouraged innovation...the vast majority of history was not graced with this and tended to be pretty stagnant.

The products might have value, but inventing new things makes no economic sense if there is not some exclusivity for the creator to profit from his/her invention for a time.

This is rather bigger than our little hobby.

I'm not sure what the ultimate solution is, or if there is one, and if so, if there is one that doesn't involve some pretty draconian and intrusive measures.

And as sick and cold as it makes me to say it....said measures could possibly be the best of a set of bad options...anyway...discuss.

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January 13, 2008

Oh Canada!

   Surprisingly bad news from Kanukistan.
   Brickmuppeteers  have probably heard about how Mark Steyn has been brought up on charges by the Canadian Human Rights Commission for publishing a book critical of Islam.

Well, now Ezra Levant,  a Canadian journalist, has been brought before the same perniciously PC pinheads. His crime? He published the controversial Danish Mohammad cartoons.   Little Green Footballs has video. Here is an excerpt.

I must say the fellow comports himself quite well. The little Parsonette...not so much. Mark Steyn himself weighs in here and there is a good roundup by Steven Den Beste here.

This is terribly worrisome, but not nearly as worrisome as the fact the commission reportedly has a 100% conviction rate.


  I didn't think Kangaroos were even FROM Canada.

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January 10, 2008

China Austrialis

Not quite but close...
Pixy blogs on a perfectly wretched example of nanygasms.

BROADBAND Minister Stephen Conroy faces an uphill struggle in his plans to increase internet censorship by boosting the official blacklist from a puny 1000 web pages to many millions of banned websites.

Good Lord!

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December 02, 2007

I Should be Shocked

....yet I am merely disgusted and angry...

Colleen Doran posts on two recent events that put both many things into perspective.

I had been well aware of the teacher who after going all the way to the Sudan to help the Sudanese was rewarded with prioson and death threats for having students with the temerity to name a Teddy Bear "Mohammed". This story has been all over the internet. I've been remiss in not mentioning it. There is interesting action in the comments as well.

Note that the Muhammed Teddy Bear has been taken off "offensive". How it was more offensive than the actual story is unexplained.

The main thrust of Colleen's post regards this horrific story that I had not heard before. A young french boy raped raped by Arab men (one of them HIV positive) in Dubai and the difficulty of finding justice, in part because (as one of her commenters put it) pitching is not a crime but catching is. More here.

From the ADS comments section.

....I would like to mention the other boy in the story, whose first name I know, but will not use, as the boy is still living in Dubai, and asked that his name not be used. Probably rightly, most of the focus has been on Alex, but this other boy must have been as traumatized as Alex by the events of that night. And the boy must be as brave as Alex, if not a little bit braver, because while Alex had to leave the country for his own protection, this boy, for whatever reason, still lives in Dubai, and still wanted to testify at the trial of his alleged attackers....

One gutsy kid.

Quote was exerpted from a comment by one Elmer Sackman who may be affiliated with this site advocating the boycott of Dubai.

This is just awful to say, but I'm not sure that is a good idea...

Keep in mind that the United Arab Emirates is widely regarded as one of the most modern of the Arab nations. Now, that is truly damming with faint praise. However, they have been very helpful against Islamic extremists (who take a murderously dim view of their modest social advancements)and from what I've been able to find out they ARE the least oppresive Arab state in the region aside, perhaps from Bahrain.

A boycott of the such a comparitavely modernized nation would send the message that "We're dammned if we do dammned if we don' why stand up to the people who will behead us when everyone else will pull the rug out from under us."

Carrots are as important in bringing about change as sticks.

On a national level there are pretty much a selection of bad choices. Let it slide...or push them into the arms of the Wahabi monster consuming so much of Islam in the area...


That doesn't mean that citizens can't sign petitions and make their voices heard. Indeed this might be the best course of action and, indeed, a better one than any options that governments have available.

I'm going to vomit.

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September 28, 2007


   Satellite photos show entire villages  now gone. Before and after pictures here.

The fist is coming down hard. Via Richard Fernandez comes this report from Yangon Thu...

Then, we called this monk in Yangon, whom my whole family admire, a monk known to be supportive of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, to check on how he was doing. He said to my mom "Da khar ma gyi, we are staring at death in the eyes. They might come for me tonight. I think it is my turn." What am I supposed to say to something like that? 

  Japanese photographer Kenji Nagai was gunned down while covering the crackdown. As one can see from this picture of the last seconds of his life....

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