September 04, 2019

This is an Interesting, Though Likely Transitory Develpment

The Hong Kong protestors are using a peer-to-peer mesh broadcasting network that doesn't use the internet.

Is this like CB for cellphones? 

I imagine that it could be jammed pretty easily, though actually eavesdropping on it might be a significant challenge, given good encryption.

Anyone here have any experience with these or thoughts on it?

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Hope ?

The extradition treaty is being formally withdrawn by the Hong Kong government.

Note that she refers to the 5 demands as being made by THE PUBLIC rather than something like running dog wreckers and saboteurs.  While Mayor Lam nixes one of the demands (which is for what amounts to an internal affairs audit of the HK police) she yields on the Extradition Treaty and offers to parley on the rest. Which is significantly better than a bloodbath. 

I'm still not optimistic, but there is now room for rational hope.

More on this  here and here.

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