April 28, 2020

The Mob Comes For SakimiChan

Whatever one thinks of Mr Hambly or B.I.T.C., the situation they're reporting on seems to be very real, disturbing and I think we can agree, unacceptable.

Beautyphobes strike again

It appears that SakimiChan, who (in addition to being a talented and popular artist)  gives monthly tutorials on how to draw, has run afoul of the Guild Of  Professionally Offended Karens. 

Specifically, GOPOK is appalled that an old tutorial in artistry is focussed on rendering the wrong sort of body type. 

 Sakimi-chan was soon bombarded with criticism and harassment by like-minded art authoritarians, or ‘arthoritarians,’ with the harassment ranging from claims that she was a terrible artist because she did not ‘understand anatomy,’ to accusations of fatphobia based on a tutorial on drawing plus-sized bodies that did not conform to the critics’ very specific standards of representation, to outright calls for the continued bullying and harassment of Sakimi-chan: 

Well that' sucks.

If you agree that these puritanical scolds ought to get bent, then follow Sakimichan on Pixiv and on Twitter: Support her quest to add beauty to the world on  Patreon and buy her stuff on Gumroad and/or Art Station.

Here's what for her is a low res-piece of 'GravityGal' from her Pixiv...

Yes ladies, she draws dudes too...

...and if you're into it,  yaoi, yuri...and interpretational furry.

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