April 12, 2013

In Which Foreign Policy Magazine Goes Mad.

Gahlran just tweeted to alert the world that that this idiotic, counterfactual word salad exists.


The only way to stop Pyongyang's cycle of brinkmanship and extortion is to address the real problem -- South Korea.

I don't even...

Wait is this The Onion? Is it Cracked? No it's actually FP.

I read the article and it does have one or two threads of truth woven into the immense tapestry of failgasmic assininity that constitutes it's whole.

The SHEER levels of stupid here are mind numbing. We'll just pick one.

Instead, it spends billions of dollars to develop its proudly "indigenous" T-50 jet fighters, Surion helicopters, and coastal defense frigates -- alternatives for which could be much better, and cheaper, imported from the United States.

Ummm...NO. Especially the frigates. The Incheon class frigates are superb platforms for Korea's needs, with a light draft good ASW, fire support and point defence capability. They are exactly what Korea needs to defend against a Northern Assault and are much cheaper than anything comparable being offered by US firms. They are heads and shoulders above our current light warship the LCS. The fighters are second line, comparable to an F-5, and mainly trainers, but they are a match for DPRK planes and the ROK can build these simple planes in quantity.

And that just touches the surface of the article. It just radiates stupid.

 Has the DPRK taken over the Foreign Policy Building? Is it drugs?

What the HELL?

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