July 30, 2019

Of Mailboxes and Mobs

I post this with the usual caveat that this fellow generally isn't my cup of tea. I've had to use that caveat three times now because things are just that crazy and Mr. Hambly does a good job of encapsulating these crazy things.

Turns out he's just as effective at encapsulating scary things. 

It seems that some YouTuber who goes by the handle of That Umbrella Guy has incurred the wrath of the Professionally Offended Stormtroopers, who are now posting pictures of his wife and kids, sending him daily updates on the state of his lawn and trying to get him fired from his job.

In what is officially unrelated news, his mailbox was just destroyed. 

Hambly has also set up a Go-Fund-Me for the fellow, who has a second kid on the way as his life is being burned down by trolls.

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July 27, 2019

Some Endings Are Much More Consequential Than Others

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