September 01, 2012

How They Treat the Help is More Relevant Than How They Treat The Debutante'

In the previous post I mentioned the unwelcome fact that the textbook category "under 200 bucks" was in the minority for me this year by a wide margin.

This was demoralizing, but not as demoralizing as it must be for the people who work in the bookstore. These kids and their parents can't get in the face of the provincial, detached professor that ordered a 274 dollar book with no resale value because it comes with a one use online access code...because they'll get expelled.

However, they can scream at the clerk...who works for the store that ordered the book they were told to order by the professor...
...or weren' I explained to one angry angry mother who as I walked past was berating a stock clerk and demanding to know why the bookstore didn't even have the book her darling little social promotion needed.

You see, several professors do not order their books, expecting the students to buy it online....before the semester starts. I happened to have in hand my syllabus for a class where that was the case and showed it to her.
She stopped screaming at the clerk, but damn...
No effing class...
I was out of the bookstore in 40 minutes which was an impressive performance by their staff, but the staff are stuck in there dealing with angry entitled millennials and their parents  7 days a week for about 3 weeks straight.

I'm glad I don't work in retail any more.

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