February 21, 2022

Oh Canada

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Looking at news coverage, it seems that Canadians support the curb-stomping of the truckers. However, independent journalists and all the Canadians I talk to except for one leftie think that this situation with the heavy handed response is appalling. However, all the Canadians I talk to are Canadians that will speak to me....such people are obviously not respectable members of society......So, on the off chance that there are any non-weird Canadians reading this, what is it the actual mood up north. I GET that people in Ottawa are frustrated, but what about everywhere else? I don't believe for a minute the polls that say Trudeau has 90% support on this. 

 I note that they replaced the chief of police in Ottawa , who "resigned" a week ago to be succeeded by a very enthusiastic enforcer of Trudeau's edicts. 

We've seen this dynamic in many blue cities here in the 'States, where the police are increasingly culling those officers who continue to have a "by the book" mentality regards civil liberties, in favor of those who will just be political enforcers for city hall. 

Many assume the oath of enlistment  is a counter to this with regard to the U.S. military, and if things continue apace, there will indeed be a period where Officers and NCOs will refuse illegal orders. But if the politicians issuing those orders aren't dealt with at the ballot box, those service members who refuse unlawful orders will be sent to the stockade or morgue and replaced with diversity officers or other politically reliable soldiers.  Any talk of "lawful orders" will be considered mutiny, and the character of the military will change quite rapidly.  The exchange that many of our service members will be facing in the next few years may look like this: 

"I won't follow out an unconstitutional or illegal order." "Are you a lawyer or a legal scholar?" "No." "Then how do you know? So, follow the fucking order or someone who will follow the order will follow the next order to take care of you."

It should be remembered that the Chinese army initially refused to slaughter those in Tian'anmen Square. 

Note tank not running over protestor.

The officers in charge thought it was against their charter and unlawful. All those principled officers and NCOs were dead in a few days and replaced with people who quite enthusiastically butchered the protestors..

Of course, an argument can be made that we're way off the rails here because the Canadian situation has no butchery at this time, but the precedents being set remove most checks on these things getting out of control, and those precedents are, frankly, quite Chinese in character. 

Remember this 42 second clip
Trudeau has taken his country to the precipice....and appears to be making a great leap forward. 
This Chicom social credit nonsense is terrifying. 
Unlike so many 'peaceful protests' in the U.S. last year, this protest was actually peaceful. It was also completely legal right up the moment that it suddenly wasn't. And yet people who contributed are being persecuted to the extent of having their savings taken away and the Mayor of Ottawa is suggesting they sell the vehicles that they impounded yesterday

This is not, as so many people have suggested, authoritarianism. Authoritarianism has a set of rules, sometimes arbitrary and capricious rules but it is VERY clear about what those rules are and it strictly enforces those rules. What we're seeing is totalitarianism, where the rules are tyrannically enforced, and the rules change moment to moment at the whim of those in power. 

Meanwhile in Australia, a place not known for respecting rights to assembly lately.....there is...talk. 

There are others who are appalled at Trudeau's actions and feel he has crossed some sort of line.

Bwahahahahahah...ahaha...ahaaaa...."wheeze"....Bwahahaha..ha..ha.. "thud"

"Crawls back into chair"

OK...so, the council of evil is quite likely not being altogether sincere. But if there a white pill to be had in this mess it is that even these despots realize that the optics of this are bad even for them. 

Trudeau MAY have overstepped, but if he survives this it will be bad for Canada and the US. In Canada Trudeau's government seems to be making the "social credit" aspects of the emergencies act permanent. And in the U.S., if Trudeau survives this many in power will look to Trudeau's gambit as not a warning, but an affirmation. 

Good night and good luck.


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February 18, 2022

Meanwhile, In Canuckistan

Art by Shiroshi

It isn't looking good for the Freedom Convoy. Trudeau appears to be clearing them out. However, given the extreme overreaction to the affair, Trudeau's victory may prove to be Phyrric in the long run. 

I'm not aware of ANY violence that was caused other than mounties pushing some people around. (I'm certain that in a chaotic affair as large and long lasting as this there had to be SOMETHING even if it was just someone getting drunk. However, the only thing the news has produced is a picture of a poster likening Trudeau to Nazis that was presented on the news with the Trudeau reference cropped out. )

The Godwin violation that caused so much trouble would be a point of legitimate criticism had not Trudeau gone to such lengths to validate it

The implementation of a social credit system that de-banks and de-licenses  anybody who showed support for a political protest that did not have the support of the Canadian government is straight out of China. To be implemented in such a broad and arbitrary way is terrifying. 

As we've seen recently with Lindell and earlier with Patreon , that terror is not limited to our friends up north. The Canadian innovation is the simply size of the net, and the number of people who can be made to suffer if the credentialed crowd wants to flex.The Lauratian Consensus that Trudeau represents has an awful lot in common with the costal default aristocracy that is causing so much problems in the States. Watch this mess closely, it may be a peek into our future in the US.  

As I type this, the Police are slowly, but methodically moving in. The political leadership appears to be hoping for the truckers to to provide them with some sort of 'casus belli'. The above mentioned de-banking and the governments policy of threatening trucker's bank accounts  and pets may well provoke a desperate response from somebody they can use to justify harsher methods. 

I mentioned the possibility of overreach on Trudeau's part. The freezing of bank assets has reportedly caused some considerable alarm, though there is no hard reporting on that in the media. I base it entirely on conversations with the sorts of Canadians I talk to, so take with a grain of salt. However, SOMETHING  is happening with regard to Canadian banks.

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