June 24, 2022

Oh Wow. Get Ready For Mayhem.

The Supreme Court did not knuckle under to the mob and an attempted assassination.

The DHS is warning churches, particularly Catholic Churches, to prepare for terroristic attacks.

This decision dropped on a Friday. A bunch of very angry people have two days off to do what they will. 

Whatever you think about abortion, this does not end the medical procedure. It merely puts its regulation back to the states. Even most of the most conservative conservatives are quite vocal about how they believe it's necessarily the woman's choice in cases of rape, incest, or in the case of triage situations involving the mother's life. 

So any bloodshed over this we might see this weekend is going a gross overreaction. A correct reaction would involve petitioning state representatives and campaigning for representatives who share your views on this matter.

But that wouldn't provide an opportunity to riot. 

Maybe stay home tonight and watch V-tubers or something.

Be careful out there. 

UPDATE 12:27: SCOTUSBlog has a huge roundup of links regarding the legalities and ramifications. 

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