October 14, 2020

I'm Going to Link to This

It's not really news. 

It's not unexpected. 
It's been known for a while. 

But I'm gonna link to it.
Because doing so has become important.
Because I can.

I do this because this dog bites man story became very important to spread to the four winds this afternoon. 

There's some discussion of why that is hereherehere, here and here.

Unlike a lot of people who are seeing that this story sees the light of day, I'm not stunning and brave. I don't have to sit pondering the potential cost to my livelihood and social circle that speaking this truth will entail. I don't have to ask myself "Is it worth losing my site?" "Is THIS, where I make my stand? "Will it matter enough to make the cost I pay worthwhile?"

That calculus does not trouble me, as it does so many others, because I don't do Twitter and don't have a Facebook page.  I blog at Mee.nu!

Because Mee.Nu is still free, in both senses of the word. 

You should probably migrate your social media here

UPDATE: Pixy, the administrator of Me.Nu has taken a break from his usual policy of being apolitical on his tech blog to opine upon this dumpster fire at length

UPDATE 2: Sargon also got his channel locked in the series of purges that have happened the last 36 hours. 

Watch on Bitchute

In fairness to YouTube, the company says that this ban was not related to his coverage of the NY Post Story. Rather, they say they banned him for a post from some months ago in which he decried the normalization of Pedophelia. 

"Wait..WHAT!? That's their cover story!?"

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October 03, 2020

The Vanishings Have Begun

CoronaChan, was a You-Tube channel that aggregate news related to the current pandemic. Its mirror still exists on Bitchute. 

Perhaps Ben referred to Taiwan as, you know, a country. 

That's what happened two two Hololive V-tubers, Kiryu Coco and Akai Haato, who, in the course of a joint You-Tube livestream looked up their analytics online (a very common thing for V-Tubers and YouTubers to do), discussed where their viewers were, and, I gather thanked the residents of each country. A lot of their viewers are in Taiwan, and they mentioned and....  

For those "inappropriate remarks", they have been suspended, by Hololive's parent company, Cover Corporation for at least three weeks. 

There is coverage of this here, here, here, here and here...though it's anyone's guess how long those links will go somewhere.

The whole affair came as something of a shock, particularly since these are not small talents, Kiryu Coco is much bigger than one would think as as she's frequently the top super-chat earner on You-Tube in any given month.  This made such waves that even American V-Tubers who avoid politics completely have taken a moment to mention it...and say "Taiwan". 

 It's telling that according to the ANN and Niche Gamer articles linked above that China's One China Policy was specifically mentioned in the Simplified Chinese version. 

There has been a bit of backlash particularly about that latter discrepancy. 


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