January 11, 2015

Browser Compatibility Test

Let's try captioning this picture of Hanako.

Because Hanako is awesome.

Well, the superscript function doesn't work in Midori either.

Now some spoilers...
(Who could have POSSIBLY seen that coming?)    

Now lets see if we can highlight some quotes without breaking the blog.
 The only question is whether this is intended as satire   

(hmmm... that didn't work right)

Let's try that again.I filched it from Pixy's blog where it looked like this.
 The only question is whether this is intended as satire 

The italicized "intended" seems to have broken the attempt to italicize the whole thing...first let's see if we can italicize something in Midori without italicizing the whole paragraph. 

OK that worked (at least in the dashboard), now lets try the usual workaround in the quote field...
The only question is whether this is intended as satire 
....which broke the blog yesterday.

Finally I'll try another work around that only just now occoured to me....
The only question is whether this is intended as satire

Finally, I'll try the same workaround on a hidden tag.

This revelation about Mikoto's musical abilities may not be entirely accurate.

Let's see if any of this worked. 
Update: Nope.... back to work...

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December 22, 2014

Apropos of Nothing

That is my story....and I am sticking to it.

Art by Rakku.

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December 21, 2014

Rumor Has It

that tonight and tomorrow will be our building's peak day for the season. 

"Ghaaah! What was all that up till now then!?"

On the up side, I slept 12 hours today and seem to finally be over my cold. So the 13 or more hours of work ahead of me probably won't kill me.

4 more days....

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December 17, 2014

Only 7 More Days of Hell

The weekend has been cancelled as we'll be working Saturday and Sunday.

Blogging will get back to normal some time on or shortly after the 26th.

In the meantime, we have this...

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December 15, 2014

Some Christmas Cheesecake

...or strawberry cake as the case may be...

Art by Yuuhagi.

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December 13, 2014


A couple of people have noted that this is the last time we'll have a sequential date like that this century.

The significance of this milestone cannot be understated, thus, to prevent this post from being a complete waste of time, here is some Christmas cheer from Mana Kakkowara

Blogging will remain light for a bit. 

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December 07, 2014

Submerging Again...

...and will likely be running silent for a while. 

 Blogging is now decidedly secondary to sleep, and tertiary to delivering the presents. 

Note that although a tiny bit of pulled pork shoulder cooked in the can has been visible over the last few days, I've observed a truly vast number of such comments have been caught by Pixy's improved filters. Of course, most don't see what gets stopped, so be aware that Pixy is slaying the villains for us with considerable verve. 

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December 02, 2014

That Awkward Moment

...when you realize that the UPS building is full.

Art by Yooo.

Blogging will resume someday (I hope).

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November 18, 2014


Christmas booped in early.

With November volume at UPS in full swing, surgeries and vacations in our building have left us short of people qualified to do certain tasks. It looks like I'm going to be working double shifts this season.  

Blogging will be intermittent. 

Fortunately, no leg-breaking has yet occurred. 

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October 29, 2014

Layers of Fact Checkers...That Work

I haven't played online RPGs to any great extent and am unaware of the nuances of the cultural tics of those that do. Likewise, I've pretty much given up on dating because I simply do not understand the female of the species. 

A couple of our readers have helpfully taken the time to intelligently fill in some of the vast amounts of context related to those matters that I missed in a recent review. 

"Midlife crisis my arse"

See? The comments here are not just for practicing katakana and reading about knockoff footwear!  

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September 14, 2014

It's Been Over a Month

...since we began requiring registration for comments. In the meantime a couple of people have reported issues commenting, so...
We're going to see if the spammers have given up on us.
Until further notice, comments are again open to everyone, regardless of registration status. 

"Oh YES! Mischief!"

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September 13, 2014

Comments Issue

I've been informed that some people are having difficulty commenting. Specifically, I'm told that comments are being sent to moderation and I'm not approving them. 

Well, I don't moderate comments. In fact the blog does not even have it as an option, so something is amiss. I tried commenting myself and had no problem so this may be specific to certain users. 

Anyway, if you are having any problem commenting, please leave a comme.....


Oh well. While our crack team of datapixies work on that problem, I can at least do my bit to help my readers avoid heartbreak. In 1992, I learned to my considerable dismay that the following line does not, in fact, work. 

Sugar, spice and copper telluride.

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August 22, 2014

Aw Come ON!

I didn't put in any pictures, center anything or use an animated .gif inside the spoiler tag of the last post and yet the spoiler tag put every bit of text that was inserted into it, on the outside. 

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August 16, 2014

test post

Just checking to see if we can

To that end we'll post a random picture, (of a World War 2 Thai gunboat) and center it...

We'll also caption it, mentioning that the ship carried four 8 inch naval rifles on 2300 tons full load. That's smaller than a Fletcher class destroyer. 

Next, we'll express our confusion and discomfort at this animated .gif

Seriously guys...What the HELL?

Then we'll bring about an end to the spoiler tag text by typing [ / s p o i l e r ] but all scrunched up like so

Now we'll type some text outside the spoiler tag and just for good measure we'll post some surreptitiously taken footage of Steven Den Beste enjoying his hiatus. However, out of consideration to our readers we'll put it behind a NSFW tag...

Aaaaaand let's see if it works....

The blog does indeed seem to be broken.
(Though thankfully the NSFW tag still works.)

Let's try a simple spoiler tag with only text inside it here

UPDATE 2: It looks like the hidey tags just don't like centering. Of course I eliminated the centering on the RWBY post at one point but that did not fix the problem. 

Now I'll try de-centerizing the images and captions and see if that works. 

UPDATE 3: Nope. That did not fix the problem. All but the first line of the spoiler text is still visible and now the formatting just looks bad. Obviously the blog is possessed so we'll re center everything and call in the exorcists from Oceania. 

Be advised gentle readers that Tiki torches may present a burn hazard. 

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August 04, 2014

Sincerest Apologies

...to all my readers who are not members of the Mee.Nu blog hosting service.

I just deleted over 30 pages of spam comments that took the form of a cascading cornucopia of katakana. At least for the time being, I simply have to switch to allowing comments by registered users only. 

Note though, that it's real easy to become a registered user. Just click on this hyperlink and fill out the form.  After that, you can just log in and comment away!

I know it's scary, but it's perfectly safe!

You don't even have to use the free blog you'll receive, so it's just like registering for disqus or any chat forum,. 

It's not just the ease of registering though, because now, more than ever, there are good reasons to become a Mee.Nuvian. 

For instance, if you have a Facebook Page and find yourself asking the question "What can a Mee.Nu blog do for me that Facebook can't?" then I assure you, gentle reader, that you are asking the wrong question. 

The correct question is "What awful stuff is Facebook doing to me that a blog based in Naru and managed from Australia absolutely won't?".

The answers to that are numerous and edifying. 

Mee.nu won't do unethical and creepy mental experiments on you. 

Being a Mee.Nuvian does not carry any of sort of antisemitic implications

You will never get this message from Pixy...EVER. 

Mee.nu will not spy on your cell phone either.

Unless you get ALL you're news from a Facebook feed, you may have heard about some of this. However, if you did you were probably afraid to say anything because deep down inside, you know that Facebook is run by the sort of people who thought that Police song was charming and romantic. Well, fear not , because as a Mee.Nuvian, you would be able take off your mask....

... be yourself, and not worry about your every interest, donation and keystroke being recorded and sold to those who would spam you, scam you or struggle against you...at least  you wouldn't have to worry about it being done by Mee.Nu.

 You see, Mee.Nu is run by Pixy Misa, a champion of justice who fights evil from his secret bases in New South Wales and Niue. Facebook is run by Baron Von Zuckerberg... a super-villain who feeds on the souls and personal information of his customers. 

It should be noted  that in Australia such acts of villainy are actually frowned upon by the media, providing another layer of security for people who use an Australian affiliated service.

But wait. There's more!

Mee.nu has all manner of spiffy keen features that are exceedingly easy to use via the user friendly and intuitive dashboard widgets. 

For instance, YouTube video's embed just as easily as on Facebook...

....and don't require that you deal with Facebook just plain screwing with you or facilitating outright fraud

On top of all this, since Mee.nu is a Niuean domain managed from Australia, every time a Mee.Nuvian gets online they are visiting exotic locations on the far side of the world!

But without the scorpions!*

I'll try to get the matter resolved ASAP but signing up for Me N' You is pretty much a win/ win...

*Mee.Nu is absolutely guaranteed not to cause scorpions to menace those at or near one's computer work station, However, Mee.Nu cannot and does not claim to remove preexisting scorpions from ones domicile. If you currently have a scorpion infestation, please contact a licensed exterminator...immediately after signing up for Mee.Nu.

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June 01, 2014


Not sure what happened, but there was a glitch in the post below.

We have called in an expert who is so good that he regularly fixes IT systems WHILE UPSIDE DOWN!.

In the meantime, we have provided a compensatory beach bunny below the fold.

UPDATE: Fellow MeeNuVians, Thanks to our crackerjack team of antipodean technophiliacs, we have been informed that some formatting and visible HTML issues associated with cutting and pasting can be solved by turning off smilies. 

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May 14, 2014


As some of you may have noticed, there was something of an issue here over the last few days. If you didn't...then I need to up my blogging game rather dramatically. 

As I understand it, this is what happened.
A large number of razorback hogs with beehives straped to their backs were set loose by unknown parties in the Texas bunker containing our RAID server, sucsessfully distracting the staff long enough for a number of trained Ghost Faced Bats to plant their C-4 charges in the facilities fire control computer without being noticed which precipitated the destruction of the buildings point defense system thus allowing a low flying UFO to fire an asteroid into the server building with the following results...

Actual footage from the Mee.Nu Zeppelin which was arriving with a shipment of Vegimite at the time.

So yeah...aliens.

Despite this, our crackerjack team of antipodean tech unicorns have restored everything except for any images or files uploaded after mid-March. Restoring some of those will be problematic as the frame grabs were discarded. In any event I've restored the images on the front page as I type this.  

In all seriousness, Kudos to Pixy (our Antipodean tech unicorn) who has been working his Aussie posterior off the last three days rebuilding everyones websites despite a disasterous hardware failure and the difficulties inherent in being upsiode down all the time. 

In possibly (but probably not) related news, my Twitter account got hacked yesterday as well, sending all 45 of my followers 150 solicitations to invest in a bitcoin enterprise. Between this and the spoofing a few weeks ago it's been a bad month for me and tech. 

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May 08, 2014

Perhaps It's Just My own Insecurity...

...but I have come to the deeply disheartening conclusion that all those complementary comments from Michal Kors and Oakley may not, in fact, be entirely sincere. 

Also: If you haven't  already, you should go watch Nichijou. It makes the bad news bearable. 

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April 26, 2014

Epic Observations

I've been using  the Epic web broswer for 20 days and have gotten a feel for it. 

One of its features is a little pop up window that tells what trackers it is blocking. 

To the right is the NY Daily News. Interestingly 4-chan of all places had only one, and that’s only on certain boards. I probably need to stay away from those boards anyway...I already wear glasses.

Of course the browser’s extreme focus on privacy comes with a few quirks, with a lack of spewlchek being the most keenly felt. Since it carries no cache data it is a bit slower to load. Occasionally one finds a site that reacts badly to anything that doesn't let it track its viewers and demands that you its their cookies like some rabid girl scout. I haven’t been blocked from any site however.

Aside from the slightly slower loading, the only functionality quirks I’ve found so far are as follows. Occasionally embedded videos on some Wordpress blogs do not show up. There are a few quirks with the Dashboard in Minx (The Mee’n You blog engine) but said quirks are present in Safari and Opera as well. 

On the plus side, it seems to have the amazing ability to disable only the bad pop-up windows.

Let me explain.

ODU’s website opens certain features in pop-up windows and pop up blockers (like the ones ion the ODU learning commons computers…) generally disable that functionality. However, they work fine in Epic. On the other hand, I have not seen a pop-up AD since I started using the browser. I have had no issues with Paypal, which surprised me. I understand that Epic allows people to view HULU from outside the US and while I cannot confirm that, I can say that I was able to access one Japanese site that normally blocks US  access…and I was thoroughly scarred by the experience.

One's mileage may vary, but I think the slightly slow loading is a small price to pay for the added privacy.

This of course is assuming that the whole thing isn’t an NSA honey pot to snare us paranoids .

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April 12, 2014


 I've been working on this post for hours. It is a scandal that exemplifies the terrifying abuses of power many of us have come to fear. The fact that it has not been getting a lot of coverage is in and of itself disturbing. 

After considerable digging, here's what we know....

"It originated with an Info-Wars link."


Well then...

It has been a beautiful day here in Virginia. I'm going to go back outside and partake of it. 

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