September 02, 2014

This Seems Newsworthy To Me For Some Reason

This also seems utterly blinkered.

I'm putting it out there as the source is Newsweek and not Info Wars or something.

I suppose this is in keeping with the Russian policy of de-escalation via fusion, but it seems awfully odd for them to make this sort of threat in the current situation. 

There are, I'm sure, worse ideas for bringing the unpleasantness in the Ukraine to a close. I just can't think of any at the moment. 

Tactical...but not really practical.

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1 It wasn't Ukraine specifically. Putin made a comment to the effect, Remember, we still have a nuclear arsenal.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Tue Sep 2 22:47:50 2014 (+rSRq)


What he said was, "I want to remind you that Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear nations. This is a reality, not just words.”

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Tue Sep 2 22:58:35 2014 (+rSRq)

3 There is a nuclear solution to the problem, the problem is in delivering the Polonium BB to Mr. Putin subcutaneously.

Posted by: Mauser at Wed Sep 3 05:19:07 2014 (TJ7ih)

4 This is just the sort of international crisis that "Dear Leader" can act decisively to resolve.  I predict he will shortly announce further unilateral cuts of the US nuclear arsenal...

Posted by: Siergen at Wed Sep 3 08:14:52 2014 (Sn+fi)

5 This really should tell you everything about how crazy Ukrainian government officials are and how willing the MSM is to accept every Ukrainian statement.

And no, three was a specific lie by Ukr MinDef, not misunderstanding of what Steven charitably mentions. Newsweek even mentions "unofficial channels" that Peteley referred.

The funny thing, however, is, Putin is probably crazy enough to think that he could use tactical nukes in certain circumstances, like when Poroshenko makes good on this promises to retake Crimea. It's not making Peteley any less a liar.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Wed Sep 3 19:24:48 2014 (RqRa5)

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