July 19, 2015

Meanwhile...This Happened...

Someone has been cutting fiber optic cables in California.

There is also the matter of the nontrivial terrorist attack in France recently that is not getting anywhere near the coverage it warrants.  

On the Russian front....wait...lets not put it that way.
Regarding Russia, there is some relief about the reports that the Russian air-force is having a bad month. This is an understandable sentiment , but it doesn't necessarily mean that their planes are no threat. It could just be a byproduct of training at a high tempo under realistic conditions...which they'd be doing if they were anticipating trouble.

Iran will not be allowing US nuclear inspectors to...inspect. 

In what I'm sure must be completely unrelated news, North Korea is hinting at a new series of nuclear tests in October. 

Pakistan, that bastion of reason and stability in South Asia, is greatly expanding their nuclear arsenal.

Venezuela has laid claim to two thirds of Guyana.

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1 One curious Russian trend that's not well known outside is how they are dealing with the demographic catastrophy. Russian and Japanese natality were tracking closely during the Soviet and post-Soviet years, but a few years into Putin's reign they suddently diverged. Apparently, the Putin's propaganda apparatus managed to make having children a signifier of patriotism. It came to this: my wife told me about a guy who was unable to talk his wife into having 3rd child. However, when Putin annexed Crimea, she was so happy that she agreed to that. I'm sort of wondering about a couple of things in relation. #1 - is this going to last past Putin. #2 - is there an import upon the government policies in Japan and U.S..

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Mon Jul 20 20:23:26 2015 (RqRa5)

2 Apparently Venezuela is looking for a short victorious war.

Posted by: UtahMan at Mon Jul 20 22:37:06 2015 (Psydk)

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