August 09, 2013

When Does Smacktalking Cross The Line?

Via Paterrico comes a fascinating piece by Ken White over at POPEHAT who has a very long, informative and downright creepy piece on his (and others) dealings with a particularly nasty internet stalker whose attentions he attracted when he did pro-bono work for a gentleman on the stalkers hate list.

He leaves no sense of what values he promotes, only of what groups and individuals he hates. There's only one circumstance when you get a sense that he's enjoying what he does, that he has a craft or a calling. That's when he's describing someone being raped, murdered, or otherwise abused, or when he's pursuing the families of someone he hates.

This has led to trouble.

I urge you to read the whole thing. It goes into detail about just how hard it can be to take legal action against the sort of cockroach that knows just how far he can go with online harassment without engaging in actionable threats and incitement.

It's part of a larger story that is pretty disturbing as well involving some  bloggers whose posts brought them to the attention of a politically active convicted terrorist and his buddies....who harass them to this day. There's a bit of background on that here.

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