October 06, 2022

Nexon Replies to the Scolding Puritanical Anti-Fun Committee: "Go pound sand!"

Nexon, is a Korean game developer that is responsible for the hit mobile gacha / cheesecake RPG Blue Archive, which has, heretofore largely dodged the nerfings and mastectomies that have plagued the game industry in recent years. Someone was bound to notice this lack of propriety and, sure enough, the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee told Nexon a while back that Nexon was going to have to censor Blue Archive...or else. Nexon initially complied, but this past week the KGRAC informed Nexon that further censorship would be required

Nexon responded, not by issuing groveling apologies, denouncing 'toxic masculinity' and promising to be better at protecting the internet from the scourge of curvy digital babes, but rather by declaring that they were going to maintain their artistic integrity and simply raise the games age rating....and not only keep the curves, but restore any cheesecake they had removed previously when paying the Danegeld. 

Now, this is probably not an example of conscience, artistic integrity or a Korean corporation's stalwart dedication to the first amendment of the United States Constitution. Rather, I suspect it is because that there is likely very little overlap between the individuals who will simp Gacha monies for a game that includes this piece amongst its official art...

I know there are much less SFW examples of official art, but I picked the one with the duck. 

...and bitter,  insecure harpies with A-Cup Angst. 

So it's probably not a moral or ethical stand as much as a business decision. 

And I'm OK with that, both because it is a welcome departure from recent trends, and because it does actually show a degree of courage. 

 Blue Archive doesn't look like my cup of tea, and is rather too cheesy even for me, but I probably ought to support them a bit on principle. 

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