August 10, 2013

"Lawyers are Trained in Theatrics, Illusion and Magic." WHO KNEW!?

I had no idea that by not pursuing a law degree I was condemning myself to mugglehood.

Obviously a Lawyer.
Allow me to explain.

We have just been directly and indirectly made aware of individuals who really really  does not like this silly "jury system" that stands in the way of their preferred justice. Popehat discusses a judge who recently berated a jury for doing the unthinkable and finding someone innocent. He also links to this execrable piece (Warning the "Z Word" is used) that seems to contend in complete seriousness that lawyers use sorcery to muddle the minds of foolish jurors.  The post title is an actual quote from the piece. It gets stranger from there.

Unusually, I urge you not to read the whole thing. It's quite incohate and if you fail your saving throw you'll lose 1D6 SAN. Read the annotated version instead.

There does seem to be a growing feeling in the country that the purpose of a jury is to convict. Period.

With that in mind I'll link to this...which needs to be linked to periodically by everyone with access to something corresponding to our 5th amendment.  It's actual footage of a Defence Against the Dark Arts class at Regent University. Do watch the whole thing. It's 48 minutes long...but it is vitally important and will cost you no SAN.

"Be sure to use your spellchecking quills"

* Young lady with broom is Shiny Chariot from Little Witch Acadamieas. Her actual status with the bar association is unclear.

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