May 03, 2009

This is a Destroyer

A Japanese destroyer.
There is no such thing as a Japanese aircraft carrier...

Nope nosirree .

Nothing to see here move along.

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1 Well, it's a little longer than the IJN Hosho... weighs about half as much as the Kaga... has a maximum complement of 11 aircraft (which is actually more than the Hosho had at Midway)...

But it's not a carrier.  Can't be, the Japanese constitution forbids the JMSDF from having carriers.

Don't know what you're talking about!

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sun May 3 23:17:48 2009 (/nYBT)

2 They should have called it a though-deck cruiser

Posted by: Andy Janes at Mon May 4 05:16:28 2009 (4DhfH)

3 This is pretty funny indeed, but hey... You've got to be ready for contingencies. It's the same with JSDF and tanks. Who are they going to fight with their tanks? Well, what if... RUSSIANS BUILD A BRIDGE?!

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Mon May 4 13:03:24 2009 (/ppBw)

4 Is it wrong that when I looked at it, I was looking to see if they would paint those handy targeting marks like they used to on their  aircraft carriers? Or should I say, cruisers with embarked fixed wing aircraft?

Posted by: Bill at Mon May 4 13:59:59 2009 (mUl8k)



Because the Russians have never heard of landing craft?  Or airborne troops?

Posted by: Wonderduck at Mon May 4 21:24:09 2009 (Cq4Jw)

6 We all know what the real purpose of the JSDF tanks is, and that's to shoot ineffectually at the Giant Monster / Robot attacking Tokyo before getting stomped.

Personally, I wonder if the flag on the fantail of the not-a-carrier is going to cause just as much of a stir as the not-a-carrier itself.  A couple of retired army types were saying that a few years back a picture was circulating of a JSDF tank unit on exercise where one of the crew in the lead tank is clearly waving the old Imperial battle flag, and that the photo had proven a major PR problem for the JSDF by pissing off the Chinese and Koreans.

Posted by: Civilis at Tue May 5 20:57:35 2009 (eAUSz)

7 Well since I didn't see a catapult or ski jump, It is not all that impressive, unless they are going to load an updated Harrier or F-35. Even then you wouldn't have many on board. Now if they built a whole shit pot full of them it could be a different story. Build about ten and launch 100 aircraft armed with the smaller smart bombs.....Or build a 100 and watch everybody go nuts trying to track them all over the place.

Posted by: toadold at Sun May 10 23:41:41 2009 (rfjBl)

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