April 05, 2008

Mad Science at Tech Level 5.5

Before the prospect of sharks with FRICKING LAYYZERS on their heads became desireable, weapons designers had to make due with the technology at hand. In World War one that included things like this.....

Flaming Bayonet..... That’s right a flame throwing bayonet. It was called the "Flaming Bayonet, constructed and tested by the Army Chemical Service it was a unique weapon for it’s time. The idea was to launch a ten foot flame as you were about to close in with the enemy for a bayonet thrust.....

No really...

Here is a picture...


Just wow....

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Sounds kind of like the Eintoss Flammenwerfer(sp) of WWII.


Posted by: Cybrludite at Sat Apr 26 03:33:23 2008 (GDpMq)

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